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Effect type
Control effect
Disambig icon.png This article is about the game mechanic. For the skill available when using a Hylek Fire Turret, see Launch (turret).

Launch 40px.png Launch is a control effect that causes the affected target to be thrown backwards into air and remain stuck on the ground. It is mechanically similar to a combination of knockback and knockdown with these differences: affected targets are moved farther away from their original position and disabled for a longer period, it can affect downed players, and it can affect foes with resistance to knockback, such as Risen Abominations. Like any control effect, it can be countered by stability.

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Weapon skills that cause launch[edit]

Utility skills that cause launch[edit]

Elite skills that cause launch[edit]

Skills with special conditions that cause launch[edit]

Downed skills that cause launch[edit]

Environmental weapon skills that cause launch[edit]


  • Prior to the April 30, 2013 update, some skills used the term blowout instead of launch.
  • Activating a Box of Fun twice in quick succession will launch the player.