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A spirit is an ethereal being that can be summoned by rangers through special utility skills. They provide a variety of effects, depending on the type of spirit summoned. They can be targeted and can be "killed" or otherwise removed from battle, and they will disappear if the character who summoned them moves too far away. An individual ranger can only activate one spirit of each type, but several rangers can summon the same spirit which may stack the effects.

List of spirit skills[edit]

Profession Spirit Description
Ranger tango icon 20px.png Ranger
Water Spirit.png
 Water Spirit
Summon a water spirit that grants nearby allies a chance to heal when attacking.
Redirect Arrow.png
Aqua Surge.png
 Aqua Surge
Heal yourself and cause your water spirit to heal nearby allies.
Frost Spirit.png
 Frost Spirit
Summon a frost spirit that has a chance to grant bonus damage to nearby allies.
Redirect Arrow.png
Cold Snap.png
 Cold Snap
Your Frost Spirit releases a freezing blast of arctic air, chilling nearby foes.
Spirit of Nature.png
 Spirit of Nature
Summon a spirit that heals allies. Command the spirit to revive and cure conditions on nearby allies.
Redirect Arrow.png
Nature's Renewal.png
 Nature's Renewal
Command your spirit of nature to revive and cure conditions on nearby downed allies.
Stone Spirit.png
 Stone Spirit
Summon a stone spirit that gives nearby allies a chance to gain protection.
Redirect Arrow.png
Your stone spirit softens the earth around it, immobilizing and crippling foes.
Storm Spirit.png
 Storm Spirit
Summon a storm spirit that grants nearby allies a chance to gain swiftness when attacking.
Redirect Arrow.png
Call Lightning.png
 Call Lightning
Your storm spirit strikes the area with a powerful blast of electricity.
Sun Spirit.png
 Sun Spirit
Summon a sun spirit that grants allies a chance to inflict burning.
Redirect Arrow.png
Solar Flare.png
 Solar Flare
Your sun spirit releases the brilliance of the sun, blinding foes.

Related traits[edit]

Ranger tango icon 20px.png Nature Magic


  • On land, spirits resemble the oakheart. Underwater, each utility skill spirit takes the form of a dolphin, while the Spirit of Nature takes the form of a Humpback Whale.
  • Spirit health at level 80 is 7,415 and 14,832 when traited with Vigorous Spirits.