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Disambig icon.png This article is about the class of weapon. For the specific weapon sold by NPC weaponsmiths, see Dagger (weapon).
Dagger concept art.jpg

The dagger is a one-handed weapon that may also be used in the off-hand. Daggers typically have some skills that aid in self-preservation, the method of which varies greatly by profession. Daggers can be crafted by a weaponsmith. The maximum damage range is 970 - 1,030.

Skills by profession[edit]

Skill Type Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description

Ranger tango icon 20px.png Ranger[edit]

Stalker's Strike.png
 Stalker's Strike
0.5½ 10 Stab and poison your foe while evading attacks.
Crippling Talon.png
 Crippling Talon
0.5½ 15 Throw a dagger to bleed and cripple your foe.

Thief tango icon 20px.png Thief[edit]

Double Strike.png
 Double Strike
Strike your foe twice.
1 Redirect Arrow.png
Wild Strike.png
 Wild Strike
Strike your foe again. Gain endurance with a successful strike.
1 Redirect Arrow.png
Lotus Strike.png
 Lotus Strike
0.25¼ Strike your foe and inflict poison.
1 Chain Arrow Toolbelt.png
Stealth Attack 0.25¼ 1 Attack your foe from the shadows, striking for double damage if you hit from behind.
0.75¾ 3 Leap and strike your foe. The less health your target has, the more damage you cause.
with no offhand
Twisting Fangs.png
 Twisting Fangs
Dual Wield 0.5½ 4 Spin in place, hitting nearby foes. Each hit causes bleeding.
with offhand Pistol
Shadow Shot.png
 Shadow Shot
Dual Wield 4 Fire an unblockable shot at your foe, which blinds them, and then shadowstep to them for a dagger strike.
with offhand Dagger
Death Blossom.png
 Death Blossom
Dual Wield 0.5½ 4 Do an evasive attack over your opponent, striking nearby enemies three times. Each hit causes bleeding.
Dancing Dagger.png
 Dancing Dagger
0.25¼ 3 Throw a dagger that cripples nearby foes and returns to you.
Cloak and Dagger.png
 Cloak and Dagger
0.5½ 6 Stab your foe and vanish in stealth, leaving them vulnerable.

Elementalist tango icon 20px.png Elementalist[edit]

Fire Attunement.png
 Fire Attunement
Dragon's Claw.png
 Dragon's Claw
0.5½ Fling fire in a claw-shaped spread at your foe.
Drake's Breath.png
 Drake's Breath
20.25¼ 5 Spray a cone of fire at foes while on the move.
Burning Speed.png
 Burning Speed
0.75¾ 12 Slide forward and blast the area, leaving behind a line of fire that burns foes.
Ring of Fire.png
 Ring of Fire
0.25¼ 15 Damage nearby foes with a ring of fire, burning foes that pass through it.
Fire Grab.png
 Fire Grab
0.75¾ 25 Damage foes in a cone in front of you. Deal more damage to burning foes.
Water Attunement.png
 Water Attunement
Vapor Blade.png
 Vapor Blade
0.5½ Cast a vapor blade that inflicts vulnerability and returns to you.
Cone of Cold.png
 Cone of Cold
20.25¼ 10 Spray an icy blast in a cone that damages foes and heals allies.
Frozen Burst.png
 Frozen Burst
0.25¼ 12 Detonate a burst of ice that chills nearby foes.
Frost Aura.png
 Frost Aura
30 Protect yourself with frost armor that reduces incoming damage by 10%. While active, it chills foes that hit you. Each attacker can only be affected by this once per second.
Cleansing Wave.png
 Cleansing Wave
0.75¾ 30 Heal yourself and nearby allies, curing a condition.
Air Attunement.png
 Air Attunement
Lightning Whip.png
 Lightning Whip
0.75¾ Lash your foe with lightning.
Lightning Touch.png
 Lightning Touch
0.75¾ 10 Shock your foe and inflict weakness.
Shocking Aura.png
 Shocking Aura
25 Envelop yourself with electrical energy that stuns nearby foes if they attack you. Each attacker can be affected by this only once every 2 seconds.
Ride the Lightning.png
 Ride the Lightning
30 Ride the lightning to your foe, then strike all nearby foes with an electrical burst. If a foe is hit by the burst, the skill's recharge is halved.
40 Gain swiftness from a gust of wind that launches nearby foes.
Earth Attunement.png
 Earth Attunement
Impale (elementalist skill).png
0.75¾ Spear your foes on a giant stone spike.
Ring of Earth.png
 Ring of Earth
0.75¾ 6 Bleed foes with a ring of rocky spikes.
Magnetic Grasp.png
 Magnetic Grasp
0.5½ 12 Immobilize your foe, making them vulnerable to a Magnetic Leap attack.
0.75¾ 30 Trigger a quake at your location, knocking down foes and dealing massive damage.
Churning Earth.png
 Churning Earth
2 30 Make the earth churn, crippling nearby foes before unleashing a seismic wave that damages and bleeds them.

Necromancer tango icon 20px.png Necromancer[edit]

Necrotic Slash.png
 Necrotic Slash
Slash your foe twice.
1 Redirect Arrow.png
Necrotic Slash.png
 Necrotic Stab
Strike your foe again.
1 Redirect Arrow.png
Necrotic Bite.png
 Necrotic Bite
0.25¼ Strike your foe and gain life force.
Life Siphon.png
 Life Siphon
3 12 Siphon health from your foe. Healing effectiveness increases if you are bleeding. Damage increases if your foe is bleeding.
Dark Pact.png
 Dark Pact
1 25 Immobilize your foe. Bleed yourself.
Deathly Swarm.png
 Deathly Swarm
0.5½ 18 Unleash an insect swarm, blinding multiple foes. Transfer three conditions to your target on a successful attack.
Enfeebling Blood.png
 Enfeebling Blood
0.75¾ 25 Inflict weakness and bleeding on foes in the target area.

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