Magnetic Shield (bundle)

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Magnetic Shield


Conjure Earth Shield

The Magnetic Shield is a bundle conjured by the elementalist skill Conjure Earth Shield.


# Skill Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description

Elementalist icon small.png Elementalist

1 Shield Smack.png Shield Smack 0.5½ Smack your foe with the magnetic shield.
1 ChainShield Smash.png Shield Smash 0.75¾ Smash your foe with the magnetic shield.
1 ChainCrippling Shield.png Crippling Shield 0.75¾ Throw your shield in a line, crippling struck foes. This attack deals bonus damage if you have barrier.
2 Stone Sheath.png Stone Sheath 20.25¼ 8 Block the next attack and cause bleeding to foes around you. Gain Tectonic Shift if you successfully block an attack.
3 Magnetic Wave.png Magnetic Surge 0.75¾ 12 Unleash a magnetic force, surging at your opponent and dazing them, while gaining magnetic aura.
4 Magnetic Shield (elementalist skill).png Magnetic Shield 10.25¼ 25 Pull nearby foes to you with a magnetic force, gaining protection and Tectonic Shift for each foe pulled.
5 Fortify.png Fortify 3 30 Use magnetism to envelop yourself in a shield, becoming invulnerable.

Related traits[edit]

Fire Fire


  • Weapon Power: 969 (at level 80)
  • On pickup, player will gain attribute bonuses while this weapon is equipped.
    • Originally on pickup, player would gain charges, that once used up, would cause the bundle to to be removed. This was removed during the August 8th, 2017 update which changed all conjured weapons to last for a flat duration of 30 seconds.


  • Cragstone shares the appearance of this weapon.