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Proximity to Xera and her bloodstone shards causes ill effects. Destroying nearby shards—especially while possessing the Forsaken Magic mastery—may help.

— In-game description

Derangement is a stacking effect applied to players standing in close proximity to Xera's bloodstones, such as on the side platforms and in their aura on the main platform. Standing in the aura of bloodstones on the main platform applies one stack per second. 8 stacks are applied for being caught in the levitating ground wells caused by the red orbs from the laser in the center of the main platform[verification requested]. 25 stacks are applied for being caught in the attack which covers half the platform. Stacks can be removed by being in the proximity of a bloodstone when it is destroyed (8 stacks for a stone on the main platform[verification requested].

Similar to Madness during the Twisted Castle encounter, increasingly high stacks apply increasingly negative effects with instant defeat resulting if a player exceeds 99 stacks. 30 or above stacks is signified with a white bloodstone icon above the player's head, 60 or above stacks with a yellow bloodstone icon, and 90 or above stacks with a red bloodstone icon.

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