Construct Core

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Construct Core


ConstructCore ground.jpg

Pushing Construct Core on the ground.

The Construct Core is an immobile hostile orb which appears during the Keep Construct boss encounter. It spawns in the center of Zealot's Bastion when both stacks of Xera's Embrace are removed and Defiance bar is broken. Pulling/pushing the core through the Unstable Ley Rifts will increase the number of Compromised stacks applied to the Keep Construct. The core will be destroyed immediately if a Retriever Projection grabs hold of it.

Any physical attacks will be able to push or pull the core. The small 'push' effect on the core by attacks has an approximate 1 second cooldown and will not be moved during its cooldown period unless from a knockback or pull attack.


Heart of Maguuma


  • Failing to push the Construct Core through at least 1 unstable rift will result in a complete skip of the "Keep Construct's vulnerable phase".
  • Construct Core can be pushed by any kind of direct damage from skills or from the traits such as: Reckless Dodge Reckless Dodge.
  • Stolen skill:  Detonate Plasma.png Detonate Plasma

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