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Stasis Chamber

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Stasis Chamber

Stasis Chamber.jpg

Stronghold of the Faithful
(Forsaken Thicket)

Stasis Chamber is an object found in the Temple of Awakening, accessed once Xera is defeated. Upon interacting with it, the characters learn that this stasis chamber was used to hold Lazarus, the last of the mursaat.


Heart of Maguuma


The stasis chamber is hot to the touch, with a recess in the center that appears large enough to accommodate a body. Charged bloodstones seem to be focusing magic to one spot.
Talk more option tango.png Look closer.
Ley energy seeps from the top of the device, as if the connection to Xera's bloodstones was severed.
Talk end option tango.png Walk away.
Talk end option tango.png Walk away.

Upon interaction[edit]

<Character name>: We caused an unstable reaction when we destroyed the bloodstone shards.
<Character name>: Did Lazarus escape? Or was he killed in the process? What happened here?