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Disambig icon.png This article is about map locations. For the livestream show, see Points of Interest (show).

Points of interest are now shown on your map. Find them to gain experience and reveal new map locations.

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A Point of Interest (abbreviated 'PoI') is a notable location within the playable zones of the world of Tyria, ranging from specific places and sites to smaller settlements and unmarked towns. Points of Interest are initially marked with an unnamed hollow icon on the map. When a character arrives at a point of interest for the first time, a message will display on screen indicating the name of the point of interest and the amount of experience earned for the discovery. Once discovered, the map icon is changed to a filled orange square and will display the place's name when the player mouses over it.

Each zone has a set number of points of interest; visiting these points will contribute to both area-wide and world completion counts as shown on the player map. Sometimes, game updates might add new locations and points of interest on an existing map. Like waypoints, points of interest can be linked to chat by use of Shift-clicking or Ctrl-clicking the point of interest icon either on the compass or on the world map.

As with other objects and markers on the map, points may have arrows next to their map symbols. If the arrow points downward, it means the player is above the point. If the arrow points upward — the player is below the point.

Moving the mouse pointer over each entry in the map legend will cause unrevealed map objectives to shimmer briefly, making them much easier to find. Some points do not appear unless the map is zoomed in, while others may not appear if the "fog" in that area hasn't been cleared yet. (You haven't visited that area yet.)

Map icons[edit]

Point of interest (map icon).png — Visited
Point of interest (undiscovered).png — Undiscovered


For some points of interest, the undiscovered and discovered icons will be marked in slightly different parts of the map. For example, Hero's Forum and 12th Iron Maniple.


  • There were 781 points of interest available during the first Beta Weekend Event, 580 during the second, and 662 during the third.
  • One additional point of interest required for map completion, Captain Kiel's Office was added on August 9th, 2017 to Lion's Arch.

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