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HTTP method
API version
version 2
Release date

This resource returns details about maps in the game, including details about floor and translation data on how to translate between world coordinates and map coordinates.


Optional parameters
  • lang – Show localized texts in the specified language.


If the root endpoint (/v2/maps) is accessed without specifying a map id, a list of all map ids is returned.

If a map id is specified (/v2/maps/<map_id>), the details for that map are returned as an object. When multiple ids are requested using the ids parameter, a list of response objects is returned.

For each requested continent id, an object with the following properties is returned:

  • id (number) – The map id.
  • name (string) – The map name.
  • min_level (number) – The minimal level of this map.
  • max_level (number) – The maximum level of this map.
  • default_floor (number) – The default floor of this map.
  • type (string) – The map type. Possible values:
  • floors (array) – A list of available floors for this map.
  • region_id (number) – The id of the region this map belongs to.
  • region_name (string, optional) – The name of the region this map belongs to.
  • continent_id (number) – The id of the continent this map belongs to.
  • continent_name (string) – The name of the continent this map belongs to.
  • map_rect (array) – The dimensions of the map, given as the coordinates of the lower-left (SW) and upper-right (NE) corners.
  • continent_rect (array) – The dimensions of the map within the continent coordinate system, given as the coordinates of the upper-left (NW) and lower-right (SE) corners.
Special types
  • Coordinate properties are two-element lists of the x and y position.
  • Rectangle properties are two-element lists of coordinates.



  "id": 15,
  "name": "Queensdale",
  "min_level": 1,
  "max_level": 15,
  "default_floor": 1,
  "type": "Public",
  "floors": [ 1, 65, 3, 2, 0 ],
  "region_id": 4,
  "region_name": "Kryta",
  "continent_id": 1,
  "continent_name": "Tyria",
  "map_rect": [
    [ -43008, -27648 ],
    [ 43008, 30720 ]
  "continent_rect": [
    [ 9856, 11648 ],
    [ 13440, 14080 ]


Continents, regions, floors reported by this endpoint often (predominantly for story instances) do not align with the available /v2/continents endpoint data. (ref)
  • Guild hall instances are in the API five times, once for each map cap (the maximum number of players allowed in the guild).

See also

  • API:Maps — Help with map calculations and terminology