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Bouncing Mushroom

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the object and its mechanic. For the mastery that unlocks it, see Bouncing Mushrooms.

Bouncing Mushrooms are bounce pads which can be used after training Bouncing Mushrooms mastery of the Itzel Lore mastery track. They were introduced in the Heart of Thorns expansion but can also occasionally be found in the zones from later releases.

The mushrooms allow players to move in a curved trajectory upwards through the environment. The mushrooms help players navigate through rough terrain or reach high points from where players can hang glide. They are sometimes required in order to fully participate in certain events or reach hero challenges, points of interest, etc.


  • Bouncing mushrooms will always launch the player to roughly the same spot.
  • The bounce trajectory is more or less unique for every bouncing mushroom.
  • The blue variants of the Bouncing mushrooms found in the Shiverpeak Mountains region have identical funtionality.


Crystal Desert
Heart of Maguuma
Ring of Fire
Shiverpeak Mountains
Ruins of Orr
The Mists

Interactive map[edit]