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Ley Line Gliding

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Ley Line Gliding.png

Ley Line Gliding

12 Heart of Thorns mastery point

Track region
Heart of Thorns
Mastery track
Req. experience

Before completion: Learn to enter ley-line energy flows while gliding to be moved along with the flow, gaining access to otherwise inaccessible places. 

After completion: Ley lines are flows of magical energy that can be seen around the Maguuma Jungle. To use ley lines, simply glide into them and allow the energy flow to move you along.

— In-game description


  • Ley lines are easily recognisable as glowing blue filaments of energy in the air. However, a handful of these in certain locations are decorative and can not be used for gliding.
  • Gliding into a ley line will refill your endurance.