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The Mail interface

Mail Menu Bar icon.png The in-game mail system is a means of sending and receiving messages, items, and coin to and from other players. The mailbox is accessed via the UI (top left corner by default).



Items or coin in your inventory may be attached to outgoing mail using "click and drag" or by right-click and selecting "Mail to". You may send mail to players on other worlds and even across regions, for example from a North American server to a European one. The maximum length of the subject line is 31 characters. Messages are limited to 511 characters. The system may attempt to auto-complete the recipient's name.

Reading mail

When there are items or coin attached to incoming mail, press the Take All button to transfer them to your inventory. Players cannot delete messages if there are any items or coin attached, but may press Return to Sender, if it is not greyed-out. Received messages are marked to notify players of the sender's identity:

  • Complete heart (map icon).pngIndicates the message is for map completion and from the Tyrian Explorers Society.
  • Storyline (interface).png Indicates the message is from someone in your personal story.
  • ArenaNet tag.png Indicates the message is from a member of the ArenaNet support team or an in-game source.
  • To discourage misuse, other messages have the note at the bottom of the message: "This message was sent by another player. It was not sent by the Guild Wars 2 Team."
  • Report icon.png Messages may be reported through the mail.
Inbox full

Both read and unread mail may be automatically deleted when your inbox becomes full.

  • You can only have 10 player- and support-generated messages in your mailbox at any given time. Your current volume is denoted as Inbox n/10".
    • Once your mailbox has reached this limit, you will not receive any mails that have been sent; mail beyond the limit will be queued to a backlog and received after you delete items in your inbox.
      • You can only have 51 mails in this queue. Any mail beyond this will be bounced back to the sender.
    • A full inbox will also prevent deliveries of Gem Store purchases and certain other in-game messages. To prevent this from happening, keep your inbox as empty as possible.
  • You can only have 15 non-player messages that do not count against the 10-message limit. Unlike the player messages, these will not be queued to wait for you to read. Instead, the oldest message is automatically deleted, even if you did not read it. Items in the deleted message will automatically be deposited in your inventory.
There are two other reasons why you should keep your inbox as empty as possible:
  • Certain event-related mail will count against the inbox limit.
  • Even if your inbox is full, you can continue to receive this same type of event-related mail. The game will display this as Inbox 11/10" and the most recent such mail will be automatically deleted the next time you logon, even if you did not read it.
  • You cannot send mail to your own characters; use the Account Vault to transfer items between them.
  • New accounts cannot compose mail until the highest level character has reached level 6.
  • Paid accounts (newly created or upgraded from Play4Free accounts) cannot send any mail attachments until 7 days (of real-world) time have passed.
  • The amount of items and coin transferable is capped for newer accounts. The cap is gradually alleviated as you progress in the game.
  • Free accounts can only send mail to a player who has added the free account holder to their friend list.
  • You cannot send excessive messages in a short span of time. (Maximum of 2 messages over the span of 2 minutes)
  • You cannot see your sent mails
  • There is a weekly limit of 500 gold that you can accept through the mail system. The limit will weekly reset on Monday 07:30. If you exceed the limit, gold that was sent will be held in your inbox until it can be collected.

Game-generated mail[edit]

Certain events will trigger receiving mail from various NPCs:

  • Getting 100% map completion of explorable zones will trigger a congratulatory letter from the Tyrian Explorers Society for the area.
  • Announcement of special events.
  • Reaching certain points in the living story and in your personal story.
  • Reaching the minimum level to play in various dungeons.
  • Most items purchased from the gem store are delivered via mail.

Mail carriers[edit]

Select how your mail is delivered in the Mail Carriers section of your Hero Panel.

— Level 71 rewards.

Mail carriers are delivery couriers, they transport letters and trading goods. Players can purchase different mail carriers to change the appearance of their carrier. Mail carriers are shown when:

  • Sending a mail.
  • Receiving a mail.
  • Putting any good for sale in the Trading Post.

List of mail carriers[edit]


Example of an in-game scam mail.


  • Mail is a common method used by scammers.[1] An example can be seen in the thumbnail to the right.
  • Mail Carrier customization is unlocked account-wide at level 70.
  • Free accounts can only send to mutual friends and can’t send gold or items.