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Journal (Stronghold of the Faithful)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the object in Stronghold of the Faithful. For other journals, see Journal.


Two Journals can be found in the Stronghold of the Faithful.


Heart of Maguuma


Northern Journal
...told us that preparations are almost complete. Drills have been doubled to prepare for the next phase. Xera hasn't told us the details yet, which has a few troops on edge. Like Jayce.
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Turn the page.
He pulled me aside after we left our posts. Said he's having second thoughts about everything—not just his assignments, but the entire organization. I don't know who's filling his head with this
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But it has to stop. Now. I can't have him watching my back when the time comes. There's too much at stake. I'm sorry, Jayce. You left me no choice.
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Put down the journal.
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Southern Journal (Belonging to Jayce)
Another boat came in late last night. Got roped into unloading more crates and barrels. My back is killing me. I don't know what's in those containers, but it's damn heavy. And hot.
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I tried to pry the lid off one of the barrels when no one was looking, but it was nailed on pretty tight. I'll try again tonight after the others are asleep. I bet there's something valuable inside.
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Or maybe it's food? I'm getting sick of the rations. I don't care how many spices you use—there's no pepper hot enough to mask the "delicate flavor" of barracuda. Blech.
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Close the journal.
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Put down the book.