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Bloodstone Fragment (Xera)

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Bloodstone Fragment (Xera)

Bloodstone Fragments appear during the encounter with Xera. They appear on the center platform and on the external ones too. During the first platform phase, four Bloodstone Fragments spawn. These ones are protected by a dome, that can be destroyed completing two different types of puzzle. After that, players can destroy the Fragment.

In the center platform, during the first and second human phases, Bloodstone Fragments appear in each of the 12 segments. These fragments apply Bloodstone Blessed to Xera and the White Mantle if they are standing in their range. They also apply stacks of Madness to the players.

During the second platform phase, Bloodstone Fragments continue to appear on the external platforms. They have to be destroyed in order to continue the encounter.

At 40% and 20% health, Xera teleports five random players to the external platforms, where they can find one Bloodstone Fragment at a time. These two Fragments are the same of the ones found during the first platform phase.


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