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Advanced Logistics

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Advanced Logistics.png

Advanced Logistics

Central Tyria mastery point

Central Tyria
Pact Commander

Before completion: Learn to automatically pick up loot from fallen foes and gain a greater swiftness bonus for your party in cities. 

After completion: You now have the option to have loot from creatures you defeat be deposited automatically into your inventory. This ability can be turned off in the Options menu. Your party now has a permanent 33% swiftness bonus in cities.

— In-game description


  • To enable it go to options and check "Autoloot: Quick Interact".
  • Applies Leader of the Pact III (a 33% speed boost) to all members of your party in cities.
  • This is different from auto-loot. You do not need to hit any buttons to loot with this active.
  • If your inventory is full when something drops, it will be left on the ground and you will have to pick it up manually after you clear out some space.
  • Auto-loot by default doesn't work in World vs World. [1]. However, players who own Heart of Thorns can invest World Experience ability points into rank 4 of the Provisions Master line, which has the same loot effect.