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Effect type
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All attacks are being focused on you.

— In-game description

Fixated is an effect applied during the fights involving various bosses.


  • Players who are fixated will receive the message You have been fixated.
    • Allied players may receive the message <Allied player> has been fixated.
  • Players who are fixated will have a purple mark displayed above their head. Purple Marker.png
    • If more than two players are fixated, there will be a tether connecting the fixated player to the enemy who is fixated on them.
  • Enemies who have fixated a player will follow them and focus all attacks in their direction.
  • If the fixated player goes downed or is defeated, it will automatically switch to another valid target.
  • A player cannot be fixated by two different enemies at the same time unless all other valid players have been fixated by other enemies.

Notable encounters[edit]

Certain encounters will have additional mechanics in addition to the above. They are listed below.