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This is a list of known necromancer skills.

Profession mechanic skills[edit]

*These abilities do not occupy space on the skill bar, instead, they will replace all your skills when entering Death Shroud.

Type Skill Description
Death Shroud Death Shroud.png Death Shroud Tango-recharge-darker.png10 Assume a spectral form and gain new skills, turning your life force into health.
Death Shroud
Life Blast.png Life Blast Tango-recharge-darker.png Blast your foe with life force.
Dark Path.png Dark Path Tango-recharge-darker.png8 Send out a claw. If it hits a foe, it inflicts bleeding and chill on nearby foes and you may cast Dark Pursuit to shadowstep to the initial target.
Doom.png Doom Tango-recharge-darker.png20 Inflict fear on your foe.
Life Transfer.png Life Transfer Tango-recharge-darker.png25 Damage nearby foes and steal their life force.
End Death Shroud.png End Death Shroud Tango-recharge-darker.png Leave Death Shroud and return to your normal form.
Death Shroud
Life Blast.png Life Blast Tango-recharge-darker.png Blast your foe with life force.
Dark Water.png Dark Water Tango-recharge-darker.png8 Blind and poison foes near your target with a dark cloud.
Wave of Fear.png Wave of Fear Tango-recharge-darker.png20 Terrify all foes in front of you with a wave of fear.
Gathering Plague.png Gathering Plague Tango-recharge-darker.png
End Death Shroud.png End Death Shroud Tango-recharge-darker.png Leave Death Shroud and return to your normal form.

Weapon skills[edit]

Slot Equipped in Skill Description
Staff Both hands Necrotic Grasp.png Necrotic Grasp Tango-recharge-darker.png Send out a grasping hand that damages foes in a line and grants you life force.
Reaper's Mark.png Reaper's Mark Tango-recharge-darker.png32 Inscribe a mark that causes fear when foes trigger it.
Soul Grasp.png Soul Grasp Tango-recharge-darker.png
Chilblains.png Chilblains Tango-recharge-darker.png16 Chill and poison the target area.
Putrid Mark.png Putrid Mark Tango-recharge-darker.png20 Inscribe a mark that transfers conditions from yourself to foes when they trigger it.
Axe Main hand Rending Claws.png Rending Claws Tango-recharge-darker.png Slash your foe twice with ghostly claws to make them vulnerable. Vulnerability applied increases against foes below the health threshold.
Ghastly Claws.png Ghastly Claws Tango-recharge-darker.png8 Summon spectral claws to slash your foe in a quick flurry of strikes, gaining life force per strike. This attack deals increased damage per stack of vulnerability on your target.
Feast of Corruption.png Feast of Corruption Tango-recharge-darker.png10 Strike your target, gain life force, and corrupt boons on your foe. For each condition on your target up to the condition threshold, gain additional life force and inflict torment.
Dagger Main hand Necrotic Bite.png Necrotic Bite Tango-recharge-darker.png Strike your foe and gain life force.
Life Siphon.png Life Siphon Tango-recharge-darker.png10 Siphon health from your foe. Healing effectiveness increases if you are bleeding. Damage increases if your foe is bleeding.
Dark Pact.png Dark Pact Tango-recharge-darker.png15 Immobilize your foe. Bleed yourself.
Off hand Mark of Blood.png Mark of Blood Tango-recharge-darker.png4.75 Inscribe a mark that bleeds foes when they trigger it, and grants regeneration to allies.
Unholy Feast.png Unholy Feast Tango-recharge-darker.png12 Cripple nearby foes and convert their boons into conditions. Release an Unholy Burst on foes below the health threshold.
Scepter Main hand Blood Curse.png Blood Curse Tango-recharge-darker.png Bleed your foe.
Grasping Dead.png Grasping Dead Tango-recharge-darker.png10 Summon skeletal hands to cripple foes in the target area.
Deathly Swarm.png Deathly Swarm Tango-recharge-darker.png18 Unleash an insect swarm, blinding multiple foes. Transfer three conditions to your target on a successful attack.
Focus Off hand Enfeebling Blood.png Enfeebling Blood Tango-recharge-darker.png25 Inflict weakness and bleeding on foes in the target area.
Spinal Shivers.png Spinal Shivers Tango-recharge-darker.png20 Chill your target and remove up to three boons, dealing extra damage based on the number of boons removed.
Warhorn Off hand Wail of Doom.png Wail of Doom Tango-recharge-darker.png30 Screech a wail of doom in a cone pattern, dazing foes.
Locust Swarm.png Locust Swarm Tango-recharge-darker.png30 Gain swiftness and summon a swarm of locusts that siphon health to you from nearby foes.
Harpoon Aquatic Cruel Strike.png Cruel Strike Tango-recharge-darker.png Stab your foe.
Wicked Spiral.png Wicked Spiral Tango-recharge-darker.png8 Spin multiple times, dealing damage and applying vulnerability to each foe struck.
Deadly Feast.png Deadly Feast Tango-recharge-darker.png15 Gain swiftness and summon a swarm of vampiric shrimp that siphon health from nearby foes.
Deadly Catch.png Deadly Catch Tango-recharge-darker.png25 Whirl around, throwing spears that cripple foes and pull them to you.
Dark Spear.png Dark Spear Tango-recharge-darker.png25 Throw your spear and shadowstep to the first target it hits, delivering a rending strike in the area around you.
Trident Aquatic Crimson Tide.png Crimson Tide Tango-recharge-darker.png Send a devouring surge toward your enemy.
Feast.png Feast Tango-recharge-darker.png10 Weaken and damage foes around you. Gain life force per foe struck. Fire a Crimson Tide at each enemy in the area.
Foul Current.png Foul Current Tango-recharge-darker.png12 Dart at your foe and strike them with tremendous force, inflicting poison based on distance traveled. You constantly release Crimson Tide toward your target as you travel.
Sinking Tomb.png Sinking Tomb Tango-recharge-darker.png20 Entomb your foe, making them sink. Fire Crimson Tide at your target multiple times.
Frozen Abyss.png Frozen Abyss Tango-recharge-darker.png25 Create a continually expanding field near you that applies chill and vulnerability to enemies and deals damage when it ends. Fire Crimson Tide on each pulse at enemies within the maximum range.

Slot skills[edit]

Slot Skill Type Skill Description
Healing General Consume Conditions.png Consume Conditions Tango-recharge-darker.png30 Feast on your conditions, gaining health for each one consumed. You become vulnerable.
Minion Summon Blood Fiend.png Summon Blood Fiend Tango-recharge-darker.png16 Summon a blood fiend that transfers health to you on each attack.
Redirect Arrow.pngTaste of Death.png Taste of Death Tango-recharge-darker.png Sacrifice your blood fiend to heal yourself.
Well Well of Blood.png Well of Blood Tango-recharge-darker.png30 Conjure a well of blood to heal allies.
Utility Corruption Blood Is Power.png Blood Is Power Tango-recharge-darker.png0.5 Bleed yourself to grant might to allies around you and bleed your target.
Corrupt Boon.png Corrupt Boon Tango-recharge-darker.png0.5 Poison yourself. Transform boons on your foe into negative conditions.
Epidemic.png Epidemic Tango-recharge-darker.png20 Apply vulnerability to yourself. Spread conditions on a target foe to all nearby foes at a reduced duration.
WvW only: does not affect structures or targets with resistance.
Skill.png Poison Cloud Tango-recharge-darker.png
Minion Skill.png Bone Fiend Tango-recharge-darker.png
Redirect Arrow.pngRigor Mortis.png Rigor Mortis Tango-recharge-darker.png50 Immobilize your bone fiend, and it will immobilize foes.
Summon Bone Minions.png Summon Bone Minions Tango-recharge-darker.png
Redirect Arrow.pngPutrid Explosion.png Putrid Explosion Tango-recharge-darker.png1 Explode a bone minion.
Skill.png Shadow Fiend Tango-recharge-darker.png
Redirect Arrow.pngHaunt.png Haunt Tango-recharge-darker.png20 Command your shadow fiend to teleport to a foe and attack all nearby foes, inflicting conditions.
Summon Flesh Wurm.png Summon Flesh Wurm Tango-recharge-darker.png Summon an immobile flesh wurm to attack foes.
Redirect Arrow.pngNecrotic Traversal.png Necrotic Traversal Tango-recharge-darker.png Sacrifice your flesh wurm, teleport to it, and poison foes.
Signet Signet of Spite.png Signet of Spite Tango-recharge-darker.png60 Signet Passive: Improves power.
Signet Active: Inflict bleeding, blindness, crippled, poison, vulnerability, and weakness on your foe.
Signet of the Locust.png Signet of the Locust Tango-recharge-darker.png30 Signet Passive: You run 25% faster.
Signet Active: Steal health from nearby foes.
Plague Signet.png Plague Signet Tango-recharge-darker.png25 Signet Passive: Transfers conditions from nearby allies to yourself.
Signet Active: Send your conditions to a foe.
Signet of Undeath.png Signet of Undeath Tango-recharge-darker.png75 Signet Passive: Generates life force while in combat.
Signet Active: Sacrifice health to revive one downed ally in a target area.
Spectral Spectral Armor.png Spectral Armor Tango-recharge-darker.png30 Gain life force as you take damage.
Spectral Grasp.png Spectral Grasp Tango-recharge-darker.png35 Pull target foe and all nearby foes to you, chill them, and gain life force.
Spectral Ring.png Spectral Ring Tango-recharge-darker.png
Well Well of Corruption.png Well of Corruption Tango-recharge-darker.png40 Target area pulses, converting boons on foes into conditions.
Well of Darkness.png Well of Darkness Tango-recharge-darker.png35 Target area pulses, blinding foes with each pulse.
Well of Power.png Well of Power Tango-recharge-darker.png30 Target area pulses, converting conditions on allies into boons and granting might.
Well of Suffering.png Well of Suffering Tango-recharge-darker.png30 Target area pulses, damaging foes and inflicting vulnerability.
Elite Form Lich Form.png Lich Form Tango-recharge-darker.png150 Assume the form of a lich for a brief time. Entering this form removes all other spectral effects. Gain life force when this skill ends.
Plaguelands.png Plague Tango-recharge-darker.png
Minion Summon Flesh Golem.png Summon Flesh Golem Tango-recharge-darker.png48 Summon a flesh golem to attack foes with crippling claws.
Redirect Arrow.pngCharge (necromancer skill).png Charge Tango-recharge-darker.png40 Command your flesh golem to gain stability and charge a foe, knocking down or launching enemies in its path.
Downed General Life Leech.png Life Leech Tango-recharge-darker.png Leech health from a foe to heal yourself.
Fetid Ground.png Fetid Ground Tango-recharge-darker.png20 Create fetid ground that damages and poisons foes.
Fear (necromancer skill).png Fear Tango-recharge-darker.png
Shout Bandage.png Bandage Tango-recharge-darker.png
Drowning General Feeding Frenzy (necromancer skill).png Feeding Frenzy Tango-recharge-darker.png5 Summon a school of undead fish to swarm your foe.
Death Curse.png Death Curse Tango-recharge-darker.png20 Poison your foe and make them flee in fear.
Life Leech.png Life Leech Tango-recharge-darker.png Leech health from a foe to heal yourself.
Shout Bandage.png Bandage Tango-recharge-darker.png