Bone Fiend

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Bone Fiends are minions resembling devourers that can be created by necromancers using Summon Bone Fiend. Some are also encountered in the open world and during events and story instances.


Maguuma Jungle
Shiverpeak Mountains

Story involvement[edit]

Living World Season 2[edit]

Event involvement[edit]

Event shield (tango icon).png Protect Orl's research krewe (9)

Combat abilities[edit]

Gwwlogo.png The Guild Wars Wiki has an article on Bone Fiend.
  • Cripples
  • Immobilizes on command
  • The Bone Fiend can be commanded to immobilize enemies by the use of Rigor Mortis, though this also roots the minion in place for approximately 5 seconds. The minion is capable of delivering two immobilizing attacks in this way.
    • The Bone Fiend is not actually immobilized by the condition, but is instead rooted in place with a visually identifiable effect that cannot be removed.
  • Bone Shard - The Bone Fiend's main attack, randomly Crippled.png Cripples for 2 seconds.
    • The fourth hit combo does the same damage as if using Rigor Mortis; just does not inflict immobilize.
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