Flesh Golem

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Flesh Golem


GDC 2010 Flesh Golem.png

Concept art.

Flesh Golem is necromancer minion summoned by the elite skill Summon Flesh Golem.

Combat abilities[edit]

  • The Flesh Golem attacks with a melee chain, with each attack connecting approximately every .8 seconds.
    • Slash - Deals 600-700 damage
    • Slash - Deals 600-700 damage
    • Fist - Deals ~50% more damage than Slash
  • Can be commanded to charge at a foe by the use of sequence skill Charge. This grants the Flesh Golem stability regardless if the attack hits or not.
  • Unlike some other minions, Flesh Golem regenerates while out of combat and grants life force on death.


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  • While underwater, Flesh Golems take on the appearance of a Risen Shark.