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The vista map.

Vistas are now shown on your map. Find them to see beautiful locations in a panoramic view.

— Vistas Unlocked

A vista is an interactive object found in the explorable zones which triggers an associated cinematic. It appears as a column of light with a scroll floating near the ground. Interacting with the object will cause the camera to pan across nearby scenery. Vistas are intended to showcase locations and their environment art. Vistas are often found in out of the way locations that may require some thoughtful navigation to get to.

Each zone has a set number of vistas; interacting with them will contribute to both area-wide and total map completion counts as shown on the player map.

Map icons[edit]

Vista (map icon).png Discovered vista
Vista empty (map icon).png Undiscovered vista



  • There are only 266 vistas that contribute to map completion. Any vista found in explorable zones that were added after the release of the initial game, such as ones in Maguuma Wastes or the Heart of Maguuma, do not count.
  • It is not possible to interact with a vista while you are in combat.
  • Pressing the "Esc" key while viewing a vista will cancel the cinematic.
  • While viewing a vista, you are invulnerable.
    • Note that you can still die to fall damage during the cinematic. This may occur if you interact with the vista while dismounting and steer yourself off a ledge.
  • Vistas aren't viewable on the map until level 10, but can still be interacted with prior to that.
  • While viewing a vista, a short music clip plays, which is always the same for all vistas in the same region or city. For example, vistas in Kryta play an excerpt from "Dawn in Shaemoor", while vistas in the Grove play the beginning of an instrumental remix of "Fear Not This Night".


  • Vista were added between the second and third Beta Weekend Events; during the third Beta Weekend Event, there were 161 vistas.
  • The map is a copy of the Guild Wars Prophecies map, with minor alterations.