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Hidden chest (Salvation Pass)

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Hidden chest

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Hidden chests (Salvation Pass).jpg

Location of hidden chests in Salvation Pass.

There are four Hidden chests are scattered around Salvation Pass.


Heart of Maguuma

Chest locations[edit]

Locations in the order they are encountered from the entrance of Salvation Pass.

# Picture Notes
1 Hidden chest (Salvation Pass).jpg Found in the cave stash area next to Slothasor's Den. To reach this chest, take a Ley Rift to the location (option available after defeating Slothasor)
2 Hidden chest 2 (Salvation Pass).jpg To reach the second chest, follow the path to reach the Maguuma Mastery Insight in Salvation Pass. Instead of gliding around the scaffolding at the end to reach the mastery, drop down onto a small ledge on the side of the scaffolding.
3 Hidden chest 3 (Salvation Pass).jpg The third chest is located in the nook of a tree just on the east side of the cliff north of the Prison Camp, which you go up to reach the Temple of Salvation. Ride the updrafts from the Prison Camp (requires completion of the Prison Camp Encounter) and instead of landing on the ledge of the cliff, land inside the hollow of the tree on your right.
4 Hidden chest 4 (Salvation Pass).jpg The fourth chest is located south of the stairs leading up to the Temple of Salvation, on the outer side of the walls of the ruins overlooking Dead Man's Gorge. To reach this chest, jump over the wall of the ruins or glide down from the stairs after reaching this area. Access to this chest also requires completion of the Prison Camp encounter.



  • All of the chests are lootable by anyone after the wing has been cleared.

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