Volatile Poison (effect)

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Volatile Poison

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Slothasor has poisoned you. A dangerous pool will be left behind when this is removed.

— In-game description

Volatile Poison is an effect applied by Slothasor to a random player every 25 seconds. This effect deals 750 damage per tick and when removed spawns a slowly-expanding area-of-effect at the player's feet. This area-of-effect expands to a maximum radius of 900 units until 90 seconds have elapsed since the effect was first applied at which point it disappears. The effect will automatically be removed after 8 seconds, but players may remove this effect early by using the special action skill


  • The player with volatile poison will have a green skull above their head Volatile Poison IG.png and the game will play an audio cue for that player.
  • As of the April 5th, 2016 update, the special action key can be used to manually end the Volatile Poison effect.
  • Damage per tick reduced from 1,000 as of the June 28th, 2016 update.