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Bandit Journal

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Bandit Journal

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Salvation Pass
(Forsaken Thicket)

There are three separate Bandit Journals found in Salvation Pass, presumably written by different bandits.


Heart of Maguuma


At the tents next to the Burn Pit
That damned Gorseval thing keeps killing everything that goes near it. Knuckles said it's too dangerous to dump the bodies in the woods. We'll dispose of them another way.
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Walk away.
On top of a box inside the Labor Camp
The defense pylons were destroyed when the rescue squad came through. No one knows how to restore them, since they were built before any of us were born. Perhaps He can help us.
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Walk away.
Inside a tent at the end of the path east of the Temple of Salvation
Matthias can't control his power. Snowstorms just appear without warning. His temperament has gotten worse, too. He's been sacrificing prisoners almost at random. They're terrified.

So are we.
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Walk away.