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Narella is the third bandit champion fought during the Prison Camp Encounter encounter. She wields a Flamethrower and takes after her mentor Sabetha.


Heart of Maguuma

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Pyromaniac Protégé
  • Burning.png Burning - Deals damage every second; stacks intensity.
  • Heat Wave (Matthias Gabrel effect).png Slow Burn - Deals damage when moving and applies burning every 10 seconds.
  • Flak Shot - Narella fires a series of projectiles that deal damage on impact and leave deadly pools behind.
  • Flame Spray - Narella shoots forward a burst of flame, dealing decreased damage the farther it is from its target.
  • Fiery Vortex - Narella shoots fiery tornadoes that drag foes, dealing damage every second.
Stolen skills
Special Mechanics
  • Focuses on the player with highest toughness[verification requested]
  • Summons Fiery Tornado which seek out players, damaging and pulling players that get too close
  • Takes very high damage from burning Oil Slicks which she ignites. These are created using the Oil Keg bundles. She takes very high Burning.png Burning damage - 25 stacks of burning per keg, up to 50 stacks. These will fall off after ?? seconds so refresh them.


  • Narella has 2184 armor (961 toughness and 1223 defense). Compared to regular Raid bosses with 2597 armor, this translates to +19% power damage.
  • Narella has a ?? range diameter hitbox, wich is considered small.
  • There is a miniature of her.
  • She has a journal that can be found at the end of wooden bridge near the tree.

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