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Zane is the second bandit champion fought during the Prison Camp Encounter encounter.


Heart of Maguuma

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Quick on the Draw
  • Snipe - Zane fires a shot that bounces to the next closest foe on hit.
  • Hail of Bullets - Zane fires a hail of bullets in a cone that increases in size with each shot.
  • Unrelenting Assault - Shadowstep to the furthest foe, leaving a blinding field behind. Gain might upon hitting foes.
Stolen skills
Special Mechanics


Right between the eyes!
Hold still!
Spare no one!


  • Zane has 2323 armor (1100 toughness and 1223 defense). Compared to regular Raid bosses with 2597 armor, this translates to +12% power damage.
  • Zane has a ?? range diameter hitbox, wich is considered small.
  • Zane's Unrelenting Assault attack will always target the player furthest away from him (within ~2000 units), keep this in mind while trying to manage his agro.
  • Zane's Hail of Bullets will deal devastating damage to the cage if the attack cleaves it, pay close attention to never stand between Zane and the cage in order to prevent this from happening.
  • He wields two pistols resembling the Pact Fleet Pistol.
  • His movements resemble that of a Revenant and a Thief.
  • There is a miniature of him.

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