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Kernan is one of Sabetha's lackeys. During the confrontation with Sabetha, she is summoned to fight alongside her. Kernan will only appear after Sabetha reaches 75% of her health and retreats to her bomb pile.

Kernan was modeled similarly to Bandit Sappers, sharing the dual pistol wielding; but not the Sapper Bomb mechanic.


Combat abilities[edit]

  • Hail of Bullets - Kernan fires 3 shots, expanding in angle size. The first shot is covers a cone of 15 degrees in front of Kernan, the next two cover 30 and 45 degrees. Each consecutive shot deals more damage than the previous
  • Quick Shot - Kernan fires a single shot at a player
Stolen skills
Throw Magnetic Bomb.png
 Throw Magnetic Bomb


Give it your all!
Someone get over here and help me!
Get over here and help me!
If only I could...
Nice one...


  • Kernan has 2597 armor (1374 toughness and 1223 defense).
  • Kernan has a 48 range diameter hitbox, which is considered small.
  • Kernan used to also throw Sapper Bombs, and originally it was intended that her bombs were the only way she could be damaged.[1]
  • Just like Bandit Sappers, Kernan is wielding a Plasma Pistol, unlike in the earlier screenshot of Spirit Vale; where she can be seen wielding a Pact Fleet Pistol.

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