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Giant Beehive

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Giant Beehive

Giant Beehive.jpg

Prison Camp
(Salvation Pass)

A destructible Giant Beehive is located high in a tree at the southern end of the body of water next to the Prison Camp in Salvation Pass. Shooting it down spawns an interactible Giant Beehive in the water below which gives a Giant Beehive used in the Envoy Armor I: Experimental Armor collection.


Heart of Maguuma

Getting there[edit]

  • On the southwest of Salvation Pass, there is a tree with a wooden path going up around it, leading to an easy mini jumping puzzle. Jump your way up to the top to a platform with a spirit standing on it, who disappears as soon as you step on the platform. Look up and you will spot the Giant Beehive. Shoot it down with a long range attack, and an interactable Giant Beehive will appear below it (it may also appear all the way down on the grass below, so jump down to check if you don't find it). Interact with the Giant Beehive object to gain the collectible item.