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Maguuma Mastery Insight: Salvation Pass Mastery

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Maguuma Mastery Insight: Salvation Pass Mastery

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Interactive map (Upper level)

Maguuma Mastery Insight: Salvation Pass Mastery is a Maguuma Mastery Insight in Salvation Pass.


Heart of Maguuma

Getting there[edit]

  • North of the Maguuma Mastery Insight, players can find a tree with a wooden plank spiral climbing up the tree.
  • From the top of this spiral, players can jump onto the branch and glide to some scaffolding on the wall.
  • Moving south along the scaffolding, players will eventually come up to a Launch Pad with a box of Sapper Bombs.
  • After launching themselves, players should deploy their glider as soon as possible.
  • While gliding towards the Maguuma Mastery Insight, avoid the scaffolding in the way by gliding to the right of it and turning back towards the left once you are past it.


Related achievements[edit]

Communing with this Maguuma Mastery Insight will award the Salvation Pass Mastery achievement.