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Salvation Pass (achievements)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the achievement category. For the raid, see Salvation Pass.

Salvation Pass is a raid achievement category for achievements earned by completing achievements in Salvation Pass, the second raid wing of the Forsaken Thicket.

Spirit Vale (achievements).png
Salvation Pass (Raids)
Total achievements: 9 Heart of Thorns mastery point 107Achievement points


  1. ^ Environmentally Friendly: Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Environmentally Friendly effect.
  • In order to be able to complete Scattered Memories, players will have to be in a fully cleared instance of the raid.
  • In order to obtain Seimur Was Wrong all players in the squad must have the Bloodstone Bisque effect on them during the entire fight, and it must still be active until the achievement is awarded a few moments after the encounter is finished.
  • While Emboldened, players are ineligible for Slippery Slubling and Seimur Was Wrong.