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Spirits' Refuge

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Spirits' Refuge

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Map of Spirits' Refuge

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Spirits' Refuge is an area in Bjora Marches, hosting a small kodan village.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Waypoint (map icon).png Still Waters Speaking Waypoint —
Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Still Waters Speaking
Vista (map icon).png Spirits' Refuge Vista —





Reinforce Armor (map icon).png Anvil
Karma Merchant (map icon 2).png Humble Stone
Merchant (vendor icon).png Tanner



Ambient dialogue[edit]

Kodan Villager (1): I hear the whispers at night now. All day, they speak. I dream. Still they speak.
Kodan Villager (2): What do they say?
Kodan Villager (1): Whatever I want to hear. It knows.
Vigil Tactician: I've done some preliminary tests on the...propagating aural phenomena.
Vigil Marksman: You can just call them "whispers." That's what everyone else is doing.
Vigil Tactician: That's not very scientific. If you call it a name like that, you give it power.
Vigil Marksman: It is powerful. Powerful and very dangerous. To suggest otherwise is irresponsible.
Vigil Tactician: What's irresponsible is treating this like some kind of curse. It's a quantifiable thing. It has rules.
Vigil Marksman: I don't care if you study it. I honestly don't even care what you call it. Just don't listen to it.
Vigil Marksman: At least tell me you're making your rounds while you're running these ridiculous tests.
Vigil Tactician: Of course. The rounds have been more productive, to be honest.
Vigil Marksman: Your tests aren't going well?
Vigil Tactician: I...wasn't really looking for answers. I mean, I was. But I didn't expect to find any.
Vigil Tactician: It's more the idea of critical analysis. Trying to take away its power. To rationalize it.
Vigil Marksman: To make it something that can be analyzed and catalogued. To know how it works. To know how to fight it.
Vigil Tactician: Yes. So many people have listened to it. Been turned by it. He tried to stop, and he couldn't.
Vigil Marksman: Who couldn't?
Vigil Tactician: I...didn't mean that. I didn't...I should get back to my rounds. Sorry.
Vigil Tactician: Thought they kodan lived on big ice ships. This place is kind of a dump.
Vigil Marksman: Keep your voice down. There was a Sanctuary a long time ago, back when Jormag chased everyone south.
Vigil Tactician: Right. And?
Vigil Marksman: They fled. Got stranded here. Elder Dragons have a habit of changing the landscape when they move around.
Vigil Crusader: The stories made it seem like Drakkar was trapped in the ice. And that it looked...different then.
Kodan Guard: That was hundreds of years ago. The whole time, Jormag's power seeped into the beast. Molding. Changing.
Vigil Crusader: So you're saying those pictures the old explorers drew...they're still accurate?
Kodan Guard: Were accurate. Ice fills any shape. Becomes any form. The dragon's magic changed Drakkar to suit its purposes.
Vigil Crusader: Have you been in contact with the other kodan tribes? Anyone beyond the valley at all?
Kodan Guard: When Drakkar rose from the ice, we sent an emissary to the Vigil Keep for aid. He never returned.
Vigil Crusader: What was his name? I can inquire at the keep when I return.
Kodan Guard: Bright Shore. Led a small group east many weeks ago, then disappeared. Now we remain here.
Kodan Guard: What's happening cannot be allowed to spread beyond this lake. Nobody can know. Nobody can be tempted.
Vigil Crusader: So you just cut yourselves off?
Kodan Guard: We suffer. But at least now we are the only ones to suffer.
Vigil Crusader: The whispers have already crossed the eastern pass. The kodan do not have to shoulder this alone.
Vigil Weapons Specialist: Why is this place called "Still Waters Speaking," anyway?
Kodan Guard: When my people fled south from the ice dragon, the shifting waterways stranded us here.
Kodan Guard: Back then, my people knew little of this place's history...of the abomination that called it home.
Vigil Weapons Specialist: You mean Drakkar? It was dormant back then, as I understand it.
Kodan Guard: It was. But even then, Jormag whispered through it. To us. To any who might listen.
Vigil Weapons Specialist: You've been listening to those whispers since the kodan came south? That's...what, over a hundred years!
Kodan Guard: Two hundred. But the whispers were quieter then. The lake was a smooth glass and had a voice of its own.
Vigil Weapons Specialist: Aha. Still water that wouldn't shut up. Got it.
Vigil Weapons Specialist: So, I've gotta ask...
Kodan Guard: Yes? What is it?
Vigil Weapons Specialist: Do these whispers sound...familiar to you?
Kodan Guard: You mustn't listen to the whispers.
Vigil Weapons Specialist: No, I mean, I get that. I do. I'm—I'm not. they sound familiar to you?
Kodan Guard: They sound like whatever they need to sound like. To make you listen.
Vigil Weapons Specialist: Which I'm not.
Kodan Guard: Which you're not.
Kodan Villager (1): Been some time since we've eaten a good meal.
Kodan Villager (2): Koda has no reason to reward us. A Claw with no Voice. Our people listening to the whispers of an Elder Dragon...
Kodan Villager (1): Hearing whispers is different from listening to them.
Kodan Villager (2): All it takes is time. Look around. We don't have much left.
Kodan Villager (1): She fought bravely. Until her dying breath, she tried to protect us. We've never gone without a Voice.
Kodan Villager (2): Others have managed. But has any kodan Voice had to contend with Elder Dragons?
Kodan Villager (1): Well, during the great Dragonstorm of the last awakening, our Voices told the kodan to wait and hide.
Kodan Villager (2): Maybe an Elder Dragon spoke to the Voices then. As Jormag tries to speak to us now.
Kodan Villager (1): Then we would not be children of Koda; we would be in debt to dragons. You know better than that.
Kodan Villager (1): I was just'd mentioned the Dragonstorm before. From the last awakening of the Elder Dragons.
Kodan Villager (2): Yes. What of it?
Kodan Villager (1): You recall the story of the Southward Claw?
Kodan Villager (2): A Claw with no Voice to guide them fled amidst the Dragonstorm. They traveled south, and were never seen again.
Kodan Villager (1): The Elder Dragons were south. And many kodan believe that Southward Claw became the first of the norn.
Kodan Villager (2): You say things you don't understand. That we could never know. We'll leave it at that.
Kodan Villager (1): What do you think about all these Vigil coming in?
Kodan Villager (2): They are not as used to the whispers as we are. We spent years acclimating, and even we succumb.
Kodan Villager (1): When Drakkar awoke, the whispers began to spread beyond the mountains. They lost their leader.
Kodan Villager (2): General Soulkeeper. I heard. May Koda guide her through the Mists.
Vigil Tactician: Report.
Vigil Marksman: Defenses are reinforced, but it's not the things outside I'm worried about.
Vigil Tactician: Right. Strong as these kodan are, I fear the whispers have taken a permanent toll.
Vigil Marksman: Maybe once Drakkar and Jormag are gone...
Vigil Tactician: We can only hope.
Vigil Tactician: Did you send for reinforcements? We could use them in the fight against Drakkar.
Vigil Marksman: No. We've been ordered to reduce travel through the pass.
Vigil Tactician: But we don't have enough.
Vigil Marksman: We've lost too many patrols as it is. I send for reinforcements, we could just as easily bolster the enemy's numbers.
Vigil Tactician: A rotation then. Send these soldiers back through the mountains. Get them away from the whispers.
Vigil Marksman: Jhavi's orders were clear: until Drakkar is dead, we cannot risk an influx of soldiers.
Vigil Tactician: (exasperated sigh)
Vigil Tactician: That patrol we sent to Eagle's shrine hasn't reported back.
Vigil Marksman: Damn.
Vigil Tactician: Normally I'd offer to send a scouting party, but....
Vigil Marksman: No. We don't have the people to spare. Avoid the shrine for now. We'll patrol around it.
Kodan Guard: Oh, you volunteered. That is interesting.
Jhavi Jorasdottir: My family has...experience with Drakkar.
Kodan Guard: They fought the beast? Challenged the ice dragon's champion?
Jhavi Jorasdottir: His name was Svanir.
Kodan Guard: As in the Sons of Svanir?
Jhavi Jorasdottir: The whispers corrupted him. Jormag turned him into a monster. We suffer the consequences of his failure every day.
Kodan Guard: I will pray to Koda that you do not suffer the same fate.
Jhavi Jorasdottir: Couldn't hurt.
Kodan Guard: Your plain is to fight Drakkar? Even though it can regenerate its form?
Kodan Guard: It feels...wasteful. We lose so many fighting the dragon's minions.
Jhavi Jorasdottir: You'd rather stand by? Let the whispers convince you death is preferable to freedom?
Jhavi Jorasdottir: It's been a few minutes, and you haven't tried to talk me out of this. You feeling alright?
Kodan Guard: We have a saying: those who knowingly stand on melting ice cannot be reasoned with.
Jhavi Jorasdottir: Does that happen a lot?
Kodan Guard: Does...what?
Jhavi Jorasdottir: Kodan standing on melting ice who won't listen to reason. Is that a common problem?
Kodan Guard: It's... No, that's not what I meant.
Jhavi Jorasdottir: Whatever. Just be ready.
After earning progress in the "Shadow in the Ice" Mastery meta-achievement.
Kodan Villager (1): Why has Cloudseeker not stepped down? Claw must follow Voice. There must be balance.
Kodan Villager (2): He has explained to those who would listen. You were there.
Kodan Villager (1): How can the kodan be an example to the races of this world if we do not adhere to our own teachings?
Kodan Villager (2): Cloudseeker is protecting us from imbalance. The whisper of Jormag is a test, and many of us have already failed.
Kodan Villager (1): We failed the moment Cloudseeker refused to step down. We are truly lost.
Kodan Guard: It's nice to see kodan actually return from the lake with their voices intact.
Vigil Weapons Specialist: What does that mean? "Their voices intact"?
Kodan Guard: Voice comes from thought. The Elder Dragon speaks through its champion. Whispers on the wind.
Kodan Guard: Listen to the whispers, and you begin to think how the Elder Dragon wants you to think.
Kodan Guard: The dragon's thoughts become your thoughts. Then you speak, and the voice is not yours.
Vigil Weapons Specialist: So, don't listen to the whispers. Got it.
After completing the "Shadow in the Ice" Mastery meta-achievement.
Kodan Villager (1): Little bit longer. Almost done.
Kodan Villager (2): My daughter finally came back from the forest.
Kodan Villager (1): Was she...?
Kodan Villager (2): Alive. Voice was still hers. She was allowed back inside, at least.
Kodan Villager (1): Where is she now?
Kodan Villager (2): Back out there. Said it helped quiet the whispers, keeping busy.
Kodan Villager (1): I know what she means. Keep turning the fish. Don't want it to catch.
Kodan Villager (1): You think the fish is done yet?
Kodan Villager (2): No. Few more minutes.
Kodan Villager (1): Hrm.


Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
Mine resource (map icon).png Mithril Ore