Blood Tribune Quarters

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Blood Tribune Quarters

Point of Interest
Imperator's Core
Connects to
Black Citadel
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Blood Tribune Quarters.jpg
Blood Tribune Quarters

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The Blood Tribune Quarters is the personal office of Tribune Rytlock Brimstone.

Getting there[edit]

From Imperator's Waypoint, head southeast - walk through the open round door, the instance entrance is at the closed door on the right.





Ambient Dialogue[edit]

When Rytlock is present
Blood Legion Centurion: "The Smokestead repairs are taking longer than expected, sir."
Blood Legion Centurion: "It's like breaking open an old log: once the damage is done, all sorts of nasty things start crawling out."
Rytlock Brimstone: "I think a little incentive is in order. Requisition a keg of Ol' Tank Oil stout, on my authority."
Rytlock Brimstone: "Offer it to the warband that works the hardest, and give them my regards. Dismissed!"
Rytlock Brimstone: "I'm very busy, Centurion. Deliver your report."
Blood Legion Centurion: "Sir. We took out a Flame Legion squad near Lake Adorea. The last survivor...immolated himself rather than be questioned."
Rytlock Brimstone: "Fanatics will do that. Then again, this may indicate that something bigger is brewing."
Rytlock Brimstone: "Double the lakeshore patrols. And take at least two prisoners alive from now on, just in case."
When Rytlock is not present
Blood Legion Centurion: "I have a message for Tribune Brimsone. Where is he?"
Laria Sharpeye: "He's not in, Centurion. Leave the message with me, I'll see that the tribune gets it."
Blood Legion Centurion: "Leave it? With a cub like you? Ha! I'll take this to Fierhan Sparwind instead."
Laria Sharpeye: "If you like. Both tribunes hate it when you treat them interchangeably, of course, but you know best."
Blood Legion Centurion: "On second, take the message. And don't tell the tribune about this, okay?"
Laria Sharpeye: "Wouldn't dream of it, Centurion. Have a nice day."
Blood Legion Centurion: "So you're Brimstone's little aide-de-camp. You're hardly more than a cub."
Laria Sharpeye: "I'm old enough to perform my duties with distinction, sir. And I may be smaller than you, but I'm hardly "little.""
Blood Legion Centurion: "Ooh, fiesty! If you ever want to work for a real officer, come join my warband."
Laria Sharpeye: "I don't think Tribune Brimsone would allow it, sir. But you can ask him in person when he returns, if you like."
Blood Legion Centurion: "Oh...well, never mind, then. It's your loss. I'll speak with the tribune some other time."