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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to Living World Season 1.

This is what your curiosity gets you.

Captain Mai Trin

Captain Mai Trin is the leader of the Aetherblades and one of the generals of Scarlet's Alliance. Working at the behest of Scarlet Briar, she was responsible for assassinating Captain Theo Ashford in order to weaken Lion's Arch from within.[1] Mai was captured after a Lionguard raid on the Aetherblade Retreat; however, the Aetherblades eventually freed Mai from captivity and fled with her into the Edge of the Mists as Scarlet had a specific task in mind for her.[2] While several Aetherblades fought under Scarlet in the Battle for Lion's Arch, Mai herself was absent, presumably continuing her secret mission in the Mists.


The Aetherblades started out as a particularly greedy and bloodthirsty pirate crew in which Mai Trin held high rank; when the sylvari terrorist Scarlet Briar found them and presented them with Inquest magitech and allies, the crew became far more dangerous and far more successful at the business of pirating. Officers like Mai kept the Aetherblades organized and active, and their ranks swelled as more and more unaffiliated pirates and pirate bands signed on, lured by the promise of easy money and power. Once they were in, however, they found it problematic to get out again, as Scarlet had plenty of work for them to do and kept them hard at it or they would face her wrath.[3]

Mai Trin was first seen attending the Dragon Bash in Lion's Arch as a festive onlooker in 1326 AE. She offered her help as a healer during the Aetherblade attack on Dragon Bash during which the ceremonial effigy exploded and caused serious injuries to people nearby. Inspector Ellen Kiel, Marjory Delaqua and the Pact Commander began investigating the crime scene, and Marjory provided the group with Magister Tassi's device which could read energy fluctuations. The trio discovered that the effigy's energy discharge had been released on purpose. Their initial investigations led them to Mai Trin whose aura glowed with energy residue, but they deemed her innocent once they realized that she had been tending a fatally injured charr representative whose residue may have passed on to her.

Further investigations revealed that the Aetherblades had tampered with Trembling Song's offering and threatened the racial representatives Astorra and Morraloo to carry unknown offerings to the effigy. With the suspects' testimonies and additional ingredients to finetune the Tassi device to perform a new scan, Ellen Kiel realized that Mai Trin had actually been the culprit behind the sabotage all along. Angered, Mai Trin admitted her crime, having hoped to use the death of Captain Theo Ashford to win a seat on the Captain's Council. With her cover blown, she summoned her Aetherblades to distract the party while she retreated into the concealed Aetherblade Retreat within the perimeter of Lion's Arch to command her troops from there.

Ellen Kiel eventually discovered the hideout and led a group of Lionguard, including the Pact Commander who had offered to help them with the investigations, to bring the elusive Aetherblade captain back to face justice for her crimes. The Lionguard fought their way through the retreat, eventually cornering Mai Trin and her first mate Horrik who were in the later stages of evacuating the breached base. Upon being discovered, Mai lamented that the sudden Lionguard invasion had foiled her scheme and would make Scarlet mad. The mention of the name clued the Lionguard in to the fact that the Aetherblades were actually working for some unseen mastermind.

Realizing that Scarlet might not forgive her for her failure and that the Lionguard wanted to avenge their fallen, Mai resolved to face combat on her own terms. Horrik perished in the following battle, but Mai was apprehended instead after pleading mercy as Ellen wanted the information she had.[4] Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed declared that Ellen would be eligible for the title of captain thanks to Mai Trin's airship which Ellen had confiscated during the raid.[5] Ellen would rename the airship Phoenix Dawn.

Mai spent time incarcerated in Fort Marriner and taunted both Ellen Kiel and the Pact Commander, who had tried to question her for her motives, while ominously stating that they should keep their eyes to the sky. She was later freed by her Aetherblades and taken to the Edge of the Mists, pursued by the Commander's allies Braham and Taimi. Braham vowed to wring Mai's neck for escaping, as the resulting chaos had led Taimi into a dangerous area where she could have been killed. The Aetherblade captain eluded capture, however, and learned that Scarlet wanted her alive for another mission suited for her talents.[2]

Marjory's later investigations revealed that Mai had been acting at the behest of Scarlet Briar, who had wanted an ally on the council. Kasmeer Meade and Marjory speculated that it was so Scarlet could weaken the city's defenses from within.[1] These fears were founded once Scarlet's Alliance invaded Lion's Arch.

Mai and the Molten Alliance and Toxic Alliance leaders, however, did not participate in the assault. Instead, Mai focused on carrying out the mission Scarlet had given her in the Mists; however, she did muster, stage, and send out Aetherblades to reinforce Scarlet's forces in Lion's Arch.[3] Even after Scarlet's fall, Mai remained elusive in the Mists. Mai's evasiveness led the gossiping Wild-Eye Miller to speculate that Marjory may have deliberately let her go, claiming that Mai was actually Marjory's long-lost sister and how it was supposedly a great family shame.[6]


The Mists

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Story involvement[edit]

Living World Season 1[edit]

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Electric Attacks
  • Bleeds
  • Shadowstep

DefianceDefiance bar teal.png

  • Captain's Inspiration.png Captain's Inspiration - Passive effect. If Horrik's health is depleted before the other crew members are killed, Mai Trin inspires them to fight harder and deal more damage.
  • Vinetender Shield.png Captain's Shield - Becomes unstable when exposed to other Aetherblade electric attacks.
  • Pistol Spin - Mai Trin stands still for an instant, then rotates and sends out lightning bolts inflicting considerable damage to each affected target.
  • Slice - Applies Bleeding.png Bleeding.
  • Teleporting Shot - Mai Trin aims for a short period of time then fires an electrical shot that inflicts damage and blinds the target, teleporting herself to them.
    • This shot cannot be dodged, but can still be blocked, reflected, absorbed, or evaded with movement skills.
    • If the shot connects, she usually follows with her Slice attack chain.
Stolen skills


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  • "Mai Trin" is a homophone of "matron". "Mai" is also a feminine Japanese name, which might point toward a Canthan origin for the captain.

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