Power Block

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Power Block.png

Power Block

Mesmer icon small.png Domination (trait list)
Training cost
8 Hero points
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Power Block

Interrupts deal damage and inflict weakness. Enemy skills that you interrupt have an increased cooldown.
Cannot increase recharge of skills with no recharge or skills on creatures with defiance bars.
This trait can only damage enemies with defiance bars once per interval.

Damage.png Damage: 399 (1.5)?
Weakness.png Weakness (5s): -50% Endurance Regeneration, +50% Fumble (Unrestricted)
Weakness.png Weakness (3s): -50% Endurance Regeneration, +50% Fumble (Unrestricted)
Duration.png Duration: 15 seconds
Interval.png Interval: 3 seconds
Critical Chance.png Cannot Critical Hit

— In-game description

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Version history[edit]

For a detailed trait history, see here.

Patch Changes
February 25, 2020 Competitive content update:
  • (Competitive split) Reduced weakness duration from 5 seconds to 3 seconds.
December 11, 2018
  • The damage of this skill has been increased by 20% so that it now matches its tooltip. This trait can no longer critically hit foes.
December 12, 2017
  • Skills, traits, and sigils that have bonus effects when interrupting foes will now activate when used against foes with defiance bars as though they had been interrupted, with a 3-second cooldown.
June 24, 2015
  • Reduced the damage on interrupt by 17%.
June 23, 2015 Specialization update:
  • Updated this trait to reflect the introduction of the specialization mechanic.
  • Now deals damage and applies 5 seconds of weakness after interrupting a foe.
  • Increased interrupted skill recharge to 15 seconds.
April 18, 2014
  • Fixed an issue that caused this trait to set skills with zero recharge on 10 second recharge; namely auto-attacks from creatures and players, as well as thief initiative abilities.
  • This trait will no longer trigger through stun immunity effects such as Stability and Defiance.
April 15, 2014
  • Power Block has been added to the game.