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Level-80 Boost

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For advanced players.

— In-game description

The Level-80 Boost is an item awarded to players who purchase Guild Wars 2 expansions. It comes bundled with various items and a free shared inventory slot.


Trial Level 80[edit]

  • "This boost will immediately raise you to the max level. You can experiment in the Silverwastes before you need to commit to expending this item."

Permanent Consumption[edit]


Leaving the Silverwastes on an elementalist who is attuned to an element that has not yet been unlocked allows the player to use that element until the player attunes to a different one.
  • The first purchased Boost will appear in a new shared inventory slot. It does not appear until you log out and back in. The only way to remove it from this slot is to consume it; the slot will remain available for use afterwards. The second purchased Boost will stack on top of the existing Boost (If you still have one), leaving the shared inventory slot it came with free for use.
  • Beginning the trial will place the character in the Silverwastes and initiate a conversation with Quartermaster Criswell.
  • Consuming this item is a permanent action and cannot be undone.
  • Consuming it will replace the character's trial equipment by a permanent set of exotic equipment that shares the same qualities as their trial gear, and a Level-80 Boost Package filled with rewards and a Package of Old Equipment with the old gear will be placed in their inventory.
    • If the Level-80 Boost is used on a level 80 character, they will receive a Level-80 Equipment Package instead of a Package of Old Equipment.
  • Most classes receive a set of Soldier's gear. Necromancers receive Rabid and Thieves get Valkyrie.
  • The gear that is unlocked shares a skin with crafted sets. The heavy skin is Tempered Scale, the medium skin is Rascal, and the light skin is Winged.
  • Boosting a character to level 80 in this way does not reward one with level rewards (with the exception of stats and unlocks).
  • Level 80 gear you are equipped with when entering the trial will have its skin unlocked for you in your wardrobe after leaving the trial even if you chose to undo the boost.

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