Orichalcum Mining Pick

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Orichalcum Mining Pick.png

Orichalcum Mining Pick

Used to mine all metals.
Upgrade Slot.png Unused Glyph Slot

— In-game description

Orichalcum Mining Pick is a mining pick that can mine up to Orichalcum veins.


Sold by[edit]

Item Vendor Area Zone Cost
Orichalcum Mining Pick.png Orichalcum Mining Pick Lionguard Demolitionist Varrv Lionguard Demolitionist Varrv Bakestone Cavern Southsun Cove 350 Karma.png

Contained in[edit]


  • When mining on rich nodes this pick makes two gatherings on the third "mining" of the node. This can be seen since it gives two ores and two counts of xp. And the rich node is used up in 3 uses giving 4 4 2.
  • Has 100 uses.