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Account Bound is a binding mechanic that designates an element in the game to be restricted to the account of the player. The analog of account bound is character bound or soulbound, where the element is restricted to a single character. Many items, chests, rewards, and other activities may be account bound. More often than not, this restriction comes with a daily restriction, where the reward can only be obtained once per day on an account.

Account Bound also refers to the specific property of an item which cannot be placed on the Trading Post or mailed, but may be passed to other characters that are part of the same account via the Account vault. Account Bound items can be salvaged, or sold to NPCs if they have a value. Equipment can be account bound, so it may be equipped and unequipped between any character on the account. Equipment may also be soulbound on use, where it can be moved freely until bound to a single character.



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