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An item refers to any object which can physically appear in a character's inventory. The definition can be extended to bundles, objects the player can find in the environment and interact with but cannot keep. This is supported by consumable items that give bundles when used. This broad term therefore encompasses everything the player can carry, wield, wear, create or purchase.

Items can either be Soulbound, Account Bound or not bound at all (unbound). Soulbound items may either bind on acquisition or bind on use (equipping the item for the first time). Unbound items may become account bound. Account bound items may become soulbound.

Some items can be stacked up to 250 per stack in inventory, account vault and guild vault. Stacks may be split by clicking and dragging to an available slot while holding Alt.

Information about an item can be sent into the current default chat channel, either by clicking the item while holding Ctrl to send it instantly or Shift to paste item info into chat. Other players can view the information by hovering over the "link" placed into chat.

In the past certain items were tied to the structured PvP system, and could only be used there. Likewise, items from regular gameplay couldn't be used in structured PvP. Meanwhile, this separation between sPvP and PvE, WvW is outdated through a game feature update.


Players can obtain items in a variety of ways:

Items can also be combined into a different item by:

New characters are provided with starting equipment when they first enter the game. Additionally, Hero's Band pre-purchase item and deluxe edition Golem Banker (consumable) items are sent via mail to any new character created on an eligible account. Miniature Rytlock, Tome of Influence and Chalice of Glory are sent only to the first character created on an eligible account.


Each item has a rarity which indicates the quality or nature of the base modifications available on the item. The item's name and its rarity are displayed in the respective rarity's color, as displayed below.

Items that have been transmuted will show "Transmuted" instead of a standard rarity designation. The color of the item's name and rarity usually matches that of the item used for the base stats during transmutation.

Rarity name Levels available1 Relative stats2 Improvement
Junk N/A N/A N/A
Basic 1-80 100% N/A
Fine 1-80 125% 25%
Masterwork 14-803 135% 8%
Rare 30-80 145% 7%
Exotic 62-804 165% 14%
Ascended 80 175% 6%
Legendary 80 175%5 0%
1 Levels shown are for equipment — weapons, armor, and trinkets. Other items, like upgrade components, crafting materials, recipes etc, are often available with lower level requirements.
2 Also applies only to equipment and denotes the scaling of weapon strength, defense, and/or attributes between items of the same type and level. Actual numbers will differ slightly due to rounding and there are very small number of exceptions, i.e. items that do not follow the ratio.
3 There are a few craftable masterwork items with levels below 14, but this is generally the lower limit.
4 There are a few leveling equipment items (from level 18 upwards).
5 Legendary equipment will always have the same relative stats as the highest rarity available for the item type.[1]


There are several broad types of items:

There are also story items that aren't stored directly in an inventory, but can be seen by accessing the story section in the Hero panel. They serve as a memento items reminding you what you've got during your personal story.

Digital Deluxe Upgrade and Character Slot Expansion upgrades purchased from Gem Store are not items and are not placed in inventory.

Player Chatter[edit]

  • When a character receives an item of Rare rarity or better, they will occasionally shout out one of the following lines, depending on their race and gender.
Race Gender
Male Female
Asura tango icon 20px.png Asura Ooh...rare and valuable.
Quite a reward!
Now this is a find!
Oh, I know of a good use for this!
Statistically speaking, this is rather rare.
Oh! What a pleasant surprise!
Charr tango icon 20px.png Charr Pillage!
That looks valuable.
You can never have too much treasure.
Nothing like the spoils of war!
Oh yeah! That's my loot!
And I deserve it, too.
Human tango icon 20px.png Human You can never have too much treasure.
Nice gear!
Now that looks valuable.
Aah... sweet, sweet loot!
Aah, shiny!
Mine. All mine!
Norn tango icon 20px.png Norn Ah! Better than moot loot.
Sweet, sweet treasure.
It'll fetch a nice price! it!
A fitting reward!
The spoils of battle!
Sylvari tango icon 20px.png Sylvari That's valuable!
You rarely see one of those.
Rare loot!
Rare treasure!
Look at this! So pretty!
I earned that.

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