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Scourge tango icon 48px.png Lady Elyssa[edit]

User Lady Elyssa Portrait.jpg
Homeland: Divinity's Reach
Born: 25 August 2012
Server: Desolation
Artificer tango icon 20px.png 500 Tailor tango icon 20px.png 500
Magister Sieran
Magister Sieran

Nobility ("among the nobility") — I grew up among the nobles, including my friend Lord Faren, who can trace their ancestry back to ancient kings. I received an excellent education, am well versed in courtly graces, and understand the responsibility that comes with privilege.

Personality: Charming - I'm charming. No one can resist me when I'm at my best. I know just what to say to lighten the mood or bolster courage.

Elyssa was abandoned at an early age and was forced to work as a slave until she was sold to an unknown holy order who came to adopt her as one of their own. Her early years were hard as she ran errands for her ungrateful masters and she quickly learned the arts of subterfuge and stealth that kept her alive on the dangerous streets. This is how she came to meet Quinn who become her childhood friend. Quinn also taught her how to fend for herself and the secrets of slight of hand. He would affectionately call her Missy and is represented in GW2 as Miss Elyssa

Elyssa learned to read and write under the tutelage of the orders teachers and eventually went on to earn the right to become an apprentice. In time she came to learn the awful truth of who she served and vowed to free herself from the yolk that bound her. She proved an excellent study in the dark arts of Necromancy that was the cause of much animosity from her peers who were all too keen to grant her freedom when she came of age.

She went on to fight ghosts, demons, a god and even the underworld could not hold her. She made the acquaintance of many companions along the way and went on to seek out distant worlds. She longed for and awaited the return of those she had once called friend, but alas never did they return.

She continued on her own, continuing her study of the arcane arts and researching new applications of magic. She sought out the oldest and most ancient of magics long lost to the world of the living. Finally, she found her way to a place outside of time, where she waited until the world was once more in need of heroes to right the wrongs of those who would seek to dominate and destroy the world she can never forsaken.

It is now, some 250 years later that she has finally returned to the world as Lady Elyssa as one of the high born. She has the same privileges as those born to well to do families, her title is just a moniker that she bares in keeping with her station.

It was the war with the Centaurs that finally brought her back in to the public eye. She travelled far and wide, hunting down each Centaur tribe and draining the life from their leaders, turning them to dust. She became a scourge against all those who dared threaten humanity, she showed her foes no mercy and gave them no quarter as she reaped the souls of all those who fell before her.

Favoured Builds[edit]

Necromancer tango icon 20px.png Sinister Condi Necro

Spite specialization.jpg
Curses specialization.jpg
Soul Reaping specialization.jpg
Soul Reaping

Death Shroud.png Death Shroud


Scourge tango icon 20px.png Condi Scourge

Curses specialization.jpg
Soul Reaping specialization.jpg
Soul Reaping
Scourge specialization.jpg

Desert Shroud.png Desert Shroud

Manifest Sand Shade.png Sand Shades

Bleeding.png Bleeding

Burning.png Burning


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