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Desert Empowerment

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Desert Empowerment

Necromancer tango icon 20px.png Scourge
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Manifest Sand Shade grants a barrier to allies near it.

 Barrier.png Barrier: 1,050 (0.67)?
 Number of targets.png Number of Allied Targets: 5
 Radius.png Radius: 180

— In-game description

Related traits[edit]

  • Sand Savant Sand Savant — Summon only one shade at a time. This greater shade has a modified recharge. Influence a larger area with Shade skills. A greater shade counts as three shades for related traits.


  • The barrier skill fact is incorrect, the applied barrier is:
 Barrier.png Barrier: 1,207 (0.77)?

Version history[edit]

For a detailed trait history, see here.

Patch Changes
December 12, 2017
  • All skills that grant barrier now give 15% more barrier.
September 22, 2017 Path of Fire release:
  • Desert Empowerment has been added to the game.