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Holosmith tango icon 48px.png Primoire[edit]

User Lady Elyssa Primoire Portrait.jpg
Homeland: Rata Sum
Born: 28 April 2013

College: Dynamics — The College of Dynamics produces gizmo-makers extraordinaire. Energy, enthusiasm, and boldness are our best qualities. We believe in leveraging the expendable nature of all things. If a prototype explodes, it isn't a failure unless the lesson goes unlearned.

Personality: Charming / Feisty - I'm charming. No one can resist me when I'm at my best. I know just what to say to lighten the mood or bolster courage.

Primoire likes to be called Prim by her friends and she can be the embodiment of sweetness and a lot of fun to be around on the flip side she also tends to be rather feisty and some of her closest friends call her bossy.

When she is pushed in to a tight spot she will come out fighting hard with teeth bared and claws at the ready but not before she has thrown her trusty spanner in the works and filled her targets with lead.

Prim is fond of using all the weapons at her disposal to best suit the task at hand or for that matter her mood...

Recent innovations in Asura tech that may or may not have been influenced by the unsanctioned collaboration of Taimi, Moto and the Charr has none-the-less resulted in the creation of the Photon Forge that makes use of elementary particles to create powerful weapons with which to smite their foes as what are now known as Holosmiths.

Favoured Solo Builds[edit]

Engineer tango icon 20px.png Engineer

Conditioned Pistols

Explosives specialization.jpg
Firearms specialization.jpg
Tools specialization.jpg

Scrapper tango icon 20px.png Scrapper

Mighty Juggernaut Power Hammer Scrapper

Firearms specialization.jpg
Tools specialization.jpg
Scrapper specialization.jpg
Evasive Knight Scrapper

Alchemy specialization.jpg
Tools specialization.jpg
Scrapper specialization.jpg

Holosmith tango icon 20px.png Holosmith

Conditioned Viper Pistols

Explosives specialization.jpg
Firearms specialization.jpg
Holosmith specialization.jpg

Might.png Might

  • Critical Chance.png On Crit - Superior Sigil of Strength

Bleeding.png Bleeding

Poisoned.png Poison

Confusion.png Confusion

Burning.png Burning

Vulnerability.png Vulnerability

Unshakable.png Crowd Control


  • Bomb Kit can be swapped with Grenade Kit to suit.

Rotation Example

  • F2 - Incendiary Ammo (Flamethrower Toolbelt)
  • Rocket Kick
  • Pistol 4 - Blowtorch
  • Pistol 3 - Static Shot
  • Pistol 2 - Poison Dart Volley

Equip Flamethrower

  • 4 - Napalm
  • 2 - Flame Blast
  • 1 - Flame Jet
  • F4 - Big Ol' Bomb

Equip Bomb Kit

  • 3 - Concussion Bomb
  • 2 - Fire Bomb

Engage Photon Forge

  • 2 - Holo Leap
  • 3 - Corona Burst
  • 4 - Photon Blitz
  • 1 - Light Strike
  • 1 - Bright Slash
  • 1 - Flash Cutter
  • Prime Light Beam
  • 3 - Corona Burst
  • Photon Blitz

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