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Soulbeast tango icon 48px.png Lifa Soldis[edit]

User Lady Elyssa Lifa Soldis Portrait.jpg
Homeland: Hoelbrak
Born: 30 September 2012
Server: Desolation
Huntsman tango icon 20px.png 500 Leatherworker tango icon 20px.png 500
Warmaster Forgal Kernsson
Warmaster Forgal Kernsson


Lifa Soldis

Lifa Soldis roughly translates to House Goddess of Life.

Defeat Our Ancient Foes ("strength to defeat ancient foes") — I keep my body strong so that I can defeat our ancient enemies and protect the Great Lodge.

Ferocity ("ferocity") — I'm ferocious. Threatening violence gets me further than anything else. I'm a natural, though I do try to use my powers of intimidation for good.

Raven — Raven, clever and wise, guides us with truths that others fear. He bestows a far-seeing clarity of mind. In my vision, he spoke of riddles and opened my eyes to secrets that few others can see.

The Spirits of the Wild that led the Norn south during the exodus have long been silent and rarely answered any but a chosen few. That was until recently. It seems the Spirits have unleashed a Call of the Wild that calls not only the Norn but all those who would seek their Legend.

The bond between a ranger and their pet has been strengthened and those who once fought alone now fight together as one and together they fight as pack. These are the Soulbeasts.

Favoured Solo Builds[edit]

Ranger tango icon 20px.png Ranger

Druid tango icon 20px.png Druid

Soulbeast tango icon 20px.png Soulbeast

Favoured Group Builds[edit]


Provides a good source of Fury and brings Stance Skills to increase the Boon Duration of allies.

Spotter.png Spotter

Nature's Vengeance.png Spirits

  • Nature Magic: Nature's Vengeance grants an additional boon to allies.
  • Frost Spirit - 100% chance to grant 5% bonus damage on hit + Might.
  • Storm Spirit - 100% chance to apply vulnerability on hit + Fury.
  • Stone Spirit - 100% chance to apply protection on hit + Protection.
  • Sun Spirit - 100% chance to apply burning on hit + Vigor.

Might.png Might

  • Frost Spirit

Fury.png Fury

  • Warhorn 5: Call of the Wild
  • Nature Magic: Spirited Arrival grants Fury when swapping pets.
  • Storm Spirit
  • Moa Stance
  • Pet: Red Moa

Vigor.png Vigor

  • Nature Magic: Spirited Arrival (if used)
  • Sun Spirit

Regeneration.png Regeneration

  • Nature Magic: Windbourne Motes (if used)
  • Warhorn 5: Call of the Wild (if Windbourne Motes is used).

Protection.png Protection

  • Stone Spirit

Vulnerability.png Vulnerability

Weakness.png Weakness

  • Axe 3: Winter's Bite


  • Greatsword can be replaced with Sword + Axe or Dual Axes if preferred.
  • Skirmishing: Sharpened Edges can be taken for a minor DPS boost.
  • Nature Magic: Spirited Arrival can be used to provide additional Vigor instead of the Regen from Windbourne Notes.
  • Soulbeast: Live Fast can be taken for those who prefer to camp Soulbeast or when access to Quickness is lacking.
  • Quickening Zephyr provides some additional personal Quickness if lacking a Chrono for it.
  • Spirits can be equipped to suit as needed.
  • Rune of the Scholar can be used with Diviner's Weapons.
  • Full Berserker version with 40% Boon Duration for those that like to swap in and out of beastmode to maintain Fury courtesy of Live Fast.

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