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The criteria used for all the open worlds builds is here.

Open World PvE Necromancer Group Build[edit]

PoF logo small.png Dagger + Warhorn / Torch Marshal Healing Scourge[edit]

Provides support through barrier, life sipohon, transfusion heals and revives.

Health.png Life stealing

Barrier.png Barrier

Might.png Might

  • Shade: Sand Cascade
  • Shade: Desert Shroud
  • Punishment skills

GW2Logo new.png Axe + Focus / Dagger + Warhorn Divine Protection Necro[edit]

Blood Magic Vampiric Rituals provide Protection to allies when your Wells are cast and entering shroud causes critical hits to inflict weakness.

Health.png Life stealing

Protection.png Protection

  • Wells grant protection when cast.

Vulnerability.png Vulnerability

  • Axe auto attack.
  • Focus 4 - Reaper's Touch.
  • Well of Suffering.
  • Death Shroud: Auto attack - Life Blast.

Weakness.png Weakness

Open World PvE Necromancer Solo Builds[edit]

Power Builds[edit]

Damage is dealt directly and takes effect immediately.

GW2Logo new.png Axe + Focus / Staff MM Necro[edit]

An easy to play build that provides plenty of fortitude that lets you focus more on game play and what is going on around you. Keep your minions up on their feet with Staff 2: Mark of Blood and Death Shroud 4: Life Transfer. Minions take your conditions from you and siphon health from their target and transfer it to you.


HoT Texture Centered Trans.png Greatsword / Axe + Focus Shout Reaper[edit]

Reaper Shouts provide you with Might, Vuln, Life Force, Life Steal and send conditions to your foes.


  • Blood Magic for additional Life Siphon.

HoT Texture Centered Trans.png Mighty Chilling Reaper[edit]

Chilling your foes inflicts them with Vulnerability and provides you with Might and applying Boons to yourself grants you Life Force, except when in Shroud where you gain health instead.

HoT Texture Centered Trans.png MM Reaper[edit]


PoF logo small.png Mighty Minion Scourge[edit]

Scourge goes one step further with their Minions, not only protecting their otherwise disposable creations with Barrier but also granting them Might in the process.


Condition Builds[edit]

Deals damage over time.

For strong Bosses without adds, Epidemic can be swapped out for Spectral Grasp or Corrupt Boon.

Make good use of Dagger 4 - Deathly Swarm to send your self inflicted conditions to your target.

GW2Logo new.png Sinister Necro[edit]


  • Dire Gear for more survivability for a small damage loss.

HoT Texture Centered Trans.png Viper Necro


  • Trailblazer Gear for more survivability for a small damage loss

HoT Texture Centered Trans.png Condi Reaper[edit]


  • Fancy Truffle Burger increases Poison Duration.
  • Chocolate Omnomberry Cake increases Chill Duration.

PoF logo small.png Condi Scourge[edit]


  • Aristocracy to help maintain Might.
  • Trailblazer Gear for more survivability for a small damage loss.
  • 2 x Afflicted + 2 x Balthazar + 2 x Trapper and a Bowl of Fire Meat Chilli


Tanking Builds[edit]

These make use of High Toughness (vs direct damage), Vitality (vs Conditions) or Damage Resistance.

GW2Logo new.png Axe + Focus / Staff Power MM Necro[edit]

As per regular MM Necro but now with even more sustain.

HoT Texture Centered Trans.png Greatsword / Axe + Focus Power Reaper Knights Captain[edit]


  • Captain’s Trinkets





  • Valkyrie Armor pieces can be used instead of Cavalier for an approx 5% damage increase, trading toughness for vitality also provides approx 15% more Life Force.
  • In longer fights against bosses you can switch in the utility skill Signet of Spite and make use of Spite - Signets of Suffering for a marginal 2% extra damage overall.
  • Soul Reaping: Soul Barbs can provide a 10% damage increase for 10secs.
  • Reaper: Soul Eater can be taken for some additional sustain.
  • "Rise!" can be taken for an additional 33% damage reduction.
  • The Superior Rune of Vampirism is also a solid choice in mob rich environments.
  • Focus or Warhorn can be used to suit.
  • Vs Mobs Spite: Close to Death and Reaper: Reaper's Onslaught are better for clearing open world mobs.

PoF logo small.png Scepter + Dagger / Torch Trailblazer Undead Scourge[edit]


  • Curses: Parasitic Contagion can be taken for some additional sustain if needed.


Utility Builds[edit]

Boons / Support / Healing / Condi Cleanse

GW2Logo new.png Axe + Focus / Staff Minion Wells[edit]


  • Swap Blood Magic - Vampiric Rituals for Transfusion
  • Soul Reaping
  • * Swap Speed of Shadow for Soul Marks for more Life Force
  • * Swap Foot in the Grave for Death Perception for 99% Crit

PoF logo small.png Krait Shaman Condi Support Scourge (80% Bleeding Duration)[edit]


  • Krait Apothecary Condi Support Scourge (80% Bleeding Duration)
  • Runes of Scavenging



These builds are focused around a particular theme and include gear suggestions (where feasible) for those who appreciate the theme and look of their characters over a dry DPS build.

GW2Logo new.png Human Necromancer - Envoy of Grenth / Grenth’s Assassin / Reaper of Grenth (Elite)[edit]

HoT Texture Centered Trans.png Norn / Svanir Reaper of Jormag[edit]


  • Can run Sinister / Viper Gear with Ice Runes.
  • Sigil of Ice can be swapped for Hydromancy for Chill on Weapon Swap




Additional Information[edit]

Swiftness / Movement Skills

  • Spectral Walk
  • Signet of the Locust 25% movement.
  • Warhorn 5: Locust Swarm
  • Blood Magic: Quickening Thirst 25% Movement Speed while wielding dagger.
  • Soul Reaping: Speed of Shadows grants Swiftness when entering Shroud.
  • Reaper - Reaper's Shroud 2: Death's Charge.
  • Scourge - Trail of Anguish
  • Scourge - Sand Swell


Condi Cleanse

  • Heal: Consume Conditions.
  • Elite: Lich Form (Grim Specter)
  • Traits: Death Magic - Shrouded Removal, Spite - Spiteful Renewal, Blood Magic - Unholy Martyr (Enter / Exit Shroud), Scourge - Abrasive Grit (grant ally Barrier).



  • High base Vitality.
  • Death / Reaper Shroud.
  • Blood Magic for Life Siphon.
  • Death Magic + Minions for extra Toughness.


Unshakable.png Hard CC Skills


  • 5 - Reaper’s Mark


  • 4 - Wail of Doom

Torch (Scourge Only)

  • 5 - Oppressive Collapse

Shroud Skills

  • Necro - Tainted Shackles, Doom, Dark Path
  • Reaper - Infusing Terror > Terrify
  • Scourge - Garish Pillar

Utility Skills

  • Soft CC - Well of Darkness, Spectral Grasp, Spectral Wall, Signet of Spite, Bone Fiend: Rigor Mortis, Shadow Fiend: Haunt, Poison Cloud,
  • Scourge Only - Trail of Anguish, Dessicate, Sand Swell, Serpent Siphon

Elite Skills

  • Flesh Golem > Charge
  • Reaper Only: “Chilled to the Bone!”

Pro Tip

When using Scholar Runes, activate your Shroud while over 90% Health to maintain the +10% damage bonus for longer as the bonus remains while in Shroud, with your life force taking the brunt of any incoming attacks.