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Herald tango icon 48px.png Grim Moi[edit]

User Lady Elyssa Grim Moi Portrait.jpg
Homeland: Rata Sum
Born: 23 October 2015

Favoured Solo Builds[edit]

Revenant tango icon 20px.png Revenant

Herald tango icon 20px.png Herald

Renegade tango icon 20px.png Renegade

Favoured Group Builds[edit]

Provides Alacrity to 10 people.

Might.png Might

  • Citadel Order: Heroic Command
  • Sigil of Strength

Protection.png Protection

  • Legendary Renegade skills.

Alacrity.png Alacrity

  • Citadel Order: Orders from Above


Able to provide 25 stacks of Might for up to 10 people that are long lasting in addition to some protection, alacrity, healing, condition removal and increasing the duration of boons on up to 5 allies.

Might.png Might

  • Facet of Strength
  • Sigil of Strength

Fury.png Fury

  • Dragon: Facet of Darkness

Swiftness.png Swiftness

  • Dragon: Facet of Elements

Regeneration.png Regeneration

  • Dragon: Facet of Light

Protection.png Protection

  • Dragon: Facet of Nature
  • Shield 4: Envoy of Exuberance

Alacrity.png Alacrity

  • Centaur: Natural Harmony


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