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Elementalist icon.png Engineer icon.png Guardian icon.png Mesmer icon.png Necromancer icon.png Ranger icon.png Revenant icon.png Thief icon.png Warrior icon.png
Shelkhar Hannadi Primoire Aurya Whitewalker Hakoob Lady Elyssa Lifa Soldis Grim Moi Miss Elyssa Proto
Pyr the Zealous Shattered Mistress Savant Nom Rata Muse Bjarl of Bjorn
Autumn Cherry


Achievement Completed - Achievement Completed
Activities 0No Jumping Puzzles 1Yes
Bosses 1Yes PvP Conqueror 0No
Community 0No Slayer 0No
Explorer 0No Historical 1Yes
Fashion 1Yes Special Event 0No
Flame and Frost 1Yes Super Adventure Box 1Yes
Hall of Monuments 1Yes Tradesman 1Yes
Hero 1Yes Weapon Master 0No
Living Story 1Yes World vs World 0No

Legendary Friendships[edit]


Agent Zott

Additional Info[edit]

  • Open World PvE Builds can be viewed here