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Earth.pngEarth is a core specialization of the elementalist that focuses on use of bleeds, defense, and signets.

Tier Name Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Stone Flesh.png Stone Flesh Gain toughness while attuned to earth.
Major Adept Earth's Embrace.png Earth's Embrace 75 Gain Armor of Earth whenever your health drops below the threshold.
Major Adept Serrated Stones.png Serrated Stones Bleeds you apply last longer; deal more damage to bleeding foes.
Major Adept Elemental Shielding.png Elemental Shielding Grant protection when applying an aura to yourself or an ally.
Minor Master Earthen Blast.png Earthen Blast Damage and cripple nearby foes when attuning to earth.
Major Master Strength of Stone.png Strength of Stone Gain condition damage based on your toughness.
Major Master Rock Solid.png Rock Solid Grant stability to nearby allies when attuning to earth.
Note: This effect will not trigger when attuning to the same element.
Major Master Geomancer's Training.png Geomancer's Training You recover more quickly from crippling, immobilizing, and chilling. Reduces recharge on all earth weapon skills.
Minor Grandmaster Geomancer's Defense.png Geomancer's Defense You take less damage from foes within close range.
Major Grandmaster Diamond Skin.png Diamond Skin 1 Remove conditions when struck while your health is above the threshold.
Major Grandmaster Written in Stone.png Written in Stone Maintain the passive effects of signets when you activate them. Reduce recharge of signets.
Major Grandmaster Stone Heart.png Stone Heart You cannot be critically hit while attuned to earth.
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Version history[edit]

For a detailed specialization history, see here.