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Disambig icon.png This article is about the warband term. For the engineer elite specialization, see Scrapper.

Scrapper is a term used to refer to any warband undergoing punishment duties[1] usually assigned by the commanding centurion. A scrapper warband is commonly tasked with duties such as menial labor, salvaging, or otherwise tasks which are below the assignment of a normal warband. While scrapper is commonly a temporary position a warband endures, it can also be permanently applied as a label for any warband which is consistently insubordinate, unreliable, or troublesome. Charr are also relegated to a Scrapper position if deemed too dumb or injured for combat.[2] Gladium are also sometimes relegated to this position.[3]

These warbands are low within charr society and are commonly given little respect, with some even believing them to be crazed.[3] While a gladium may be regarded as one without honor and sometimes looked upon with pity, a charr known as a scrapper is seen as an untrustworthy troublemaker. The term is also used as an insult to non-scrapper charr.[4][5] Their way is to consider all objects found by them to be their belongings, and will only give up these objects through combat.[3]

Known scrappers[edit]


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