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Upper Blood Keep

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Upper Blood Keep

4Point of interest (map icon).png

Upper Blood Keep map.jpg
Map of Upper Blood Keep

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Grothmar Valley
Connects to
Lower Blood Keep (N&E)
Training Grounds (S)

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The Upper Blood Keep constitutes the internal portion of Blood Keep, in additon to its helipads, which can be found in the north-west corner and mark the spot where players first enter Grothmar Valley during the Bound by Blood story. Within this practical brick and metal building can be found the Blood Legion's barracks, dining area, fahrar, War Room, and Imperator Bangar Ruinbringer's office.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Blood Legion Fahrar
Point of interest (map icon).png Great Hall
Point of interest (map icon).png Imperator Ruinbringer's Office
Point of interest (map icon).png War Room




Ambient dialogue[edit]

In the barracks
Blood Legion Soldier (1): Victory was ours. It was in our grasp.
Blood Legion Soldier (2): The treaty ended the war.
Blood Legion Soldier (1): We're charr. The war never ends. Our ancestors would be ashamed of us.
Blood Legion Soldier (2): Oooh. The shame of dead charr. Let's rethink all our life choices.
Near the Great Hall
Blood Legion Soldier: How would you know? You're no battle historian.
Priory Observer: Actually, my dissertation on the War of Ascalon Independence was published to great critical acclaim in academic circles.
Blood Legion Soldier: You mean the "Ascalon Insurrection."
Priory Observer: No I mean—
Blood Legion Soldier: (growl)
Priory Observer: Yes, yes! You're absolutely right. The Ascalon Insurrection...that's what I meant.
Outside the fahrar
Blood Legion Soldier (1): You really missed an epic show! Metal Legion did all their classics!
Blood Legion Soldier (2): AHH, I know. Quit rubbing it in. Did they play "Medium Rare"?
Blood Legion Soldier (1): Twice.
Blood Legion Soldier (2): (disgruntled snarl)
Near Imperator Ruinbringer's Office
Blood Legion Soldier (1): Brimstone's got some nerve. Can you believe he's back after all these years? And he brought those people with him.
Blood Legion Soldier (2): Disgrace.
Near the helicopter platforms
Worker: What're you doing here, little rat?
Merchant: I am a merchant, thank you. And I am unloading my wares to sell. Obviously.
Worker: Yeah, well you're taking up space that a charr vendor could've used.
Merchant: I was invited to this congregation.
Worker: Shoulda reconsidered. Your stuff and your kind aren't real safe around here.
At the entrance to the medical ward
Iron Legion Marksman: Tyria was ours first...and it'll be ours again.
In the Great Hall
Blood Legion Soldier: They're trying to scare us, you know. Like our fangs haven't grown in. I won't stand for it.
Blood Legion Soldier: We gotta unite. Or else they'll take everything we've got.


Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
Mine resource (map icon).png Rich Orichalcum Vein