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I. Am. A. God!

— Gaheron Balefire

Gaheron Baelfire is the Flame Legion's Imperator. He is attempting to ascend into godhood, naming himself the "god of flame"; it is speculated by Logan Thackeray to be trying to copy or at least inspired by Kormir's own ascension. He leads the Flame Legion through tyrany, uncaring about his subjects' lives and willing to sacrifice them for his own goals. As such, many modern Flame Legion rituals, such as the Baelfire ritual, involves self-mutilation or downright sacrificing lives to empower magic.

Gaheron developed a powerful spell which envelopes himself and the surrounding area in ever-burning flame and stone, making himself invulnerable to any but the strongest magics (such as his own spells while in this form). This spell was spread among the charr as a rumored weapon that would allow his ascension into godhood, and drew the eye of the Pact, who wanted to find out what the weapon was and use it against Zhaitan. When the Pact, allied with the Ash and Iron Legions, stormed the Citadel of Flame, Gaheron attempted to subvert the forces from atop the overbearing Altar of Baelfire. However, Logan, Rytlock Brimstone and Pact Commander managed to reach Gaheron and subsequently killed him.

Even death, however, did not stop Gaheron entirely as his soul remained bound to the Eternal Flame, which a faction within the now civil warring Flame Legion attempted to use to give his soul a new physical body. This ritual was stopped again and the Eternal Flame destroyed, ending Gaheron's plans once and for all.


Combat abilities[edit]

Story mode[edit]

  • Summons Fire Boulders - Summons three fiery boulders which instantly kill players if struck, cannot be evaded. Spawn Molten Hearts when destroyed.
  • Fireball - Large AoE attack that inflicts Burning 40px.png Burning and Launch 40px.png Launches players.
  • Summons Gaheron's Magma Wall - Summons one to three destructible walls before him. Number depends on health.
  • Burning - Line-shaped attack that inflicts Burning 40px.png Burning
  • Iron Beam - Cone AoE attack which inflicts Burning 40px.png Burning and Knockdown 40px.png Knockdowns players.

Explorable mode[edit]

  • Leader of the Flame Legion
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