Bathea Havocbringer

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I will bow before no one and nothing, be it mortal or god.

Balthea Havocbringer

Bathea Havocbringer was a female charr warrior of great renown within the Blood Legion that lived 200 years before the Searing. Though not clear, it is implied she was a member of the Shaman caste at the time. When the Flame Legion presented the titans as gods for the charr to worship, the Shaman caste accepted them as gods; however, Bathea refused this practice and stood against them. She led an underground rebellion of female soldiers against the Shaman caste but failed and as punishment was the first to be sacrificed to the new "gods."

Her defiance led the Shamans to relegate all female charr to performing utility tasks at home and the cities, banning them from joining warbands and fighting for the High Legions.

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