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I will bow before no one and nothing, be it mortal or god.

Balthea Havocbringer

Bathea Havocbringer was a female charr warrior[1] of great renown within the Blood Legion who lived 200 years before the Searing. Though not clear, it is implied she was a member of the shaman caste at the time. When the Flame Legion presented the titans as gods for the charr to worship, the shaman caste accepted them as gods; however, Bathea refused this practice and stood against them. She led an underground rebellion of female soldiers against the shaman caste but failed and as punishment was the first to be sacrificed to the new "gods."[2][3]

Bathea's defiance led the shamans to declare her a traitor and accused her of using her sexuality to tempt the males from the "true path of the gods." The shamans relegated all female charr to performing utility tasks at home and the cities, banning them from joining warbands and fighting for the High Legions. Using force to punish anyone disobeying them, the shamans instilled this new order long enough that most charr could not remember there ever having been another way.[4]

Bathea's defiance would live on in hushed whispers, though, and would eventually inspire Pyre Fierceshot's granddaughter Kalla Scorchrazor to expand the reach of the charr rebellion to rid the High Legions of the Flame Legion's tyranny.

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    <Character name>: The shamans didn't like that, I'll bet.
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    Because of this, the shamans gathered in the night to plot against her. They captured her and made a blood sacrifice of her to their new gods. They declared her a traitor and accused her of using her sexuality to tempt the males from the true path of the gods. To prevent any more such treachery, they marked all females with the same brand of deceit and banned them from serving in the legions, where they would mix with the males.
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