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Nadim is a Sunspear protecting the entrance to Sun's Refuge from the Branded outside.


Crystal Desert


Can you believe it? Koss! Here! In the flesh—uh, is that rude to say to an Awakened? I'm just so excited!
Talk more option tango.png
He tried to kill me in Istan, you know.
Really? Think you could introduce me? I went to the Astralarium in Istan to read as much of Koss on Koss as I could. His stories are just the best. And that hair...
(before completing Full House)
Talk end option tango.png
He's a little busy at the moment.
(after completing Full House)
Koss just got back, but I'll try to slip in a good word.
Talk end option tango.png
He's quite the man.


  • Nadim occasionally cries, making him non-interactable.